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1. Error while trying to run JAR of project having Hibernate from command prompt

I am novice in Hibernate technology. I have a Java project which uses Hibernate. When I run the project from Netbeans IDE the project runs fine without any issues. However when I run the ...

2. JPA/Hibernate mapping error when entities are located in multiple JAR files

I have a strange behaviour with JPA/hibernate. I have 3 entities located in 2 JARs :

  • JAR A
    • Order
    • OrderProduction
  • JAR B
    • OrderProductionImpl
Order (from JAR A):
public class Order implements Serializable {

3. Error when using hibernate 3 jar

Hi I'm trying to generate a jasper report using ireport tool. I'm trying to make an ejbql connection in ireport which when trying to create the connection throws an error. After a research in ireport forum I found out it is related to hibernate. So I ran in here for a solution. Please help. The error i get is .. Code: ...

4. loadjava -resolve errors or hibernate3.jar

loadjava -u ... -resolve hibernate-entitymanager.jar hibernate3.jar errors : class org/hibernate/ejb/AbstractEntityManagerImpl$1 ORA-29534: referenced object could not be resolved errors : class org/hibernate/ejb/AbstractEntityManagerImpl$2 ORA-29534: referenced object could not be resolved errors : class org/hibernate/ejb/AbstractEntityManagerImpl ORA-29521: referenced name java/lang/StringBuilder could not ...

6. Hibernate3 error(antlr.jar) on SJSAS 8.1 EE