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1. Hibernate version jars, maven, what should go together?

I have trouble understanding what jar versions should go together for hibernate. I have a set of hibernate versions maven things that work together, but I don't know why, how can I ...

2. Version disparity in hibernate core & annotation jars

Why is there a version disparity on the final version of the above hibernate jars?

3. Hibernate JPA 1.0 jars - which GA version(s)

Hi, From the download page, I assume Hibernate 3.4 GA is the version which contains final implementation for JPA 1.0. However, that GA does not contain optional libraries as other Hibernate GAs (3.3.2, 3.5), such as ehcache. What libraries or GAs I should put together to support JPA 1.0 and all other general Hibernate integrated functions? Can I put 3.6 GA ...

4. Determining Hibernate Version from Jar

I haven't been able to find an answer to this question. Since hibernate just releases a hibernate2.jar, how can I go about, by just looking at the jar, which version it is in the 2.x.y line? I guess I could load it and turn on debug...but that seems like a bit of a pain. Thanks, Patrick

5. GenericDialect not in hibernate3.jar version 3.1.2

Hello; I am trying to connect to mainframe data via a JDBC driver adapted to access VSAM files. I've gotten it to work with other non-hibernate projects. can I leave this property out of the configuration without concern? it uses *standard* SQL I only need to read(search) no updates. I already have one configuration file with 9 MS-SQL tables working. I ...