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1. JPA and multiple entities jar

1) if I insert META-INF/persistence.xml in both the JPA jar the correspondent ear don't deploy on glassfish 2) if I insert the META-INF/persistence.xml only in the first JPA jar file, the ear deploy but when I try to use a NamedQuery or an Entity from the second JPA jar file I get a TOPLINK-8006 error.

2. Placing V3 JPA jars into a v2?

3. What GlassFish jars implement JPA 2.0?

I'm trying to create a JPA project in Eclipse Java EE Helios. The popup window asks me for the user library with the JPA implementation. I've selected EclipseLink as a Platform and as USer Library - 6 jars that starts with org.persistence from the GlassFish v3 modules directory, but Eclipse doen't take it complaining that "Selected libraries do not include all ...