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I'm struggling with JBOss and I'm stuck on a problem which seems trival to fix but it turns out I can't. When I try to deploy a simple java web app I ...

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i dont know how many of you noticed http://repository.jboss.org/maven2 is down. where are you getting your jars from now? for example if you want hibernate 3.5.6-Final, where do you get ...

3. JBoss 4.0 troubles with H2.1.6 because of H2.1.5 jar    forum.hibernate.org

That is currently not doable. The effort needed to acheive that is way more than I have time for. Of course thats the beauty of open source; if you come up with the fix I'll consider it for commit. It is believed that JBoss 5.x will include standard mechanisms to acheive this on behalf of services.