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1. What jar should I include to use javax.persistence package in a hibernate based application?

Is it ok to take it from Glassfish project ( glassfish-persistence-api) or may be there is a Hibernate jar?

2. jars for net.sf package ???

3. Using mappings stored in a JAR package?

[ Apologies if this is a standard question! It seems to me that it should be, but if so I haven't been typing in the right search terms to find information on it! ] I'm writing an object model for scientific data, which I want several applications to be able to use. For example, there is a web application which will ...

4. jar missing in hibernate package

Hello Everyone, I am new to the hibernate technology. I downloaded hibernate-distribution-3[1] from the website and tried writing a simple java app with it. Now, for SLF4J support, the package contained a jar file called slf4j-api-1.5.2.jar. while trying to run the program i faced a ClassNotFoundException and several other Exceptions. Then i found that actually we need slf4j-api-1.5.6.jar and another jar ...