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1. Seam Gives Unknow Entity Exception For Entities in Jars

I am trying to use Seam to persist my jpa entities, when I reference an entity that is in a jar seam says unknown entity. I don't want to add all ...

2. Entities not mapped after moving them into external jar package

In my Java/Seam/JbossAS app, I decided to externalize my Model classes (hibernate entities) and moved them into another project. The project produces model.jar, which is then used by the main app. ...

3. hibernate is is unable to find my ejbs.jar

Finally i managed to solve it, it was because hibernate seems unable of find the entities once packaged in seam if we are testing from another module, so all you have to do at the end is declare the whole package name before the entity. So in your case it might be the query like

4. How to deploy JPA entities in an extra jar file?

I have an ear with several jar files with a persistence unit shared between them. To do this you need to split all your entities into a separate jar file, and put the persistence.xml in the META-INF of this jar. This file cannot have any EJB's in it, as this file must be delared as