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1. CF9 ORM Replicate Left Outer Join    stackoverflow.com

I am using the ORM features in CF9 and am just a bit stuck on how to replicate a left outer join query.. I have a TaskList CFC

component output="false" persistent="true"{

2. How do I left join tables in unidirectional many-to-one in Hibernate?    stackoverflow.com

I'm piggy-backing off of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2368195/how-to-join-tables-in-unidirectional-many-to-one-condition. If you have two classes:

class A {
    public Long id;

class B {

3. HQL : LEFT OUTER JOIN    stackoverflow.com

I have two tables and respective classes in java.The mapping in the HBM.xml is as follows :

<class name="com.hcl.spring.db.sample.model.Parts" table="MARM_PARTS">
<id name="partNo" type="int" column="PART_NO">
<generator class="increment" />
<property name="imageId" column="IMAGE_ID"></property>
<property name="groupId" column="GROUP_ID"></property>


<class name="com.hcl.spring.db.sample.model.Reports" table="MARM_REPORTS">
<id name="reportId" ...

4. Hibernate left join using with    stackoverflow.com

Reading the hibernate documentation, you find the following on Left Joins here.

from Cat as cat
left join cat.kittens as kitten
with kitten.bodyWeight > 10.0
Assume the following setup.
 Kitten1 (bodyWeight:11.0)
 Kitten2 (bodyWeight:12,5)

Cat2 ...

5. Hibernate - double left join    stackoverflow.com

I have the following 3 classes where the relationship is League 1-* Team 1-* Player and league and Team are linked by league_team table

class League {

@NamedQueries( { @NamedQuery(name = "League.findJasperLeagueDetail", query = ...

6. hibernate hql left join    stackoverflow.com

I have the following query

select x.a, x.b, y.a, y.b
from x, y
where y.xid = x.id
how do I perform a left join here. I cannot use the following style so please do not ...

7. Hibernate Left Outer Join    stackoverflow.com

I have a Hibernate service method as such: "SELECT sc FROM SecurityContact sc WHERE sc.securityId=:securityId2". securityId2 is passed in by the user. Each SecurityContact has a many to one relationship with ...

8. Hibernate ignoring LEFT JOIN    stackoverflow.com

I have a table called SecurityContact that has a many to one relationship with another table Contacts. It has two join columns to Contacts, one of them called agentContact and the ...

9. hibernate left join not working    coderanch.com

The way that you wrote the query it seems to be an SQL query and not an HQL query. Using session.createQuery, you need to provide to this method a HQL query, and not a SQL query. You can use session.createSQLQuery with a SQL query, or write your query as a HQL query, something like: select cv.field from table1 alias1 JOIN alias1.x ...

10. help with left outer join in Hibernate    coderanch.com

Hi, I am using struts with hibernate2. I want to do a left outer join in HQL but I am not able to form hql properly. I have two classes Voucher and CommodityInfo with purchaseReqNo filed in Voucher as foreign key in CommodityInfo. I am writing both sql and hql version of what I am doing. While sql gives the correct ...

11. So much on the Left Joins in Hibernate    coderanch.com

Part I: I recently adopted Hibernate and am still confused when it comes to creating the mapping files. Whether to include sets of children in parent table objects and one-to-many relationship definitions in the parent table mapping file or define parent table entries in child objects with many-to-one relationship defined in the child table mapping file or adopt both ways as ...

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14. left join in JPA namedquery    coderanch.com

Hi, Im trying to include "left Join" in the query below its errors out this query works " select j from Job j, IN (j.contactsList) cnts where cnts.job.id = j.id and req.job.id = j.id and j.creatorUID = :creatorId order by j.id desc " what Im trying is to left join the above query with another table " select j from Job ...

15. Help in Left Outer join in HQL    coderanch.com

Hi, I am using struts with hibernate2. I want to do a left outer join in HQL. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong. My SQL query is: select a.CMS_ID,a.CMS_NAME,a.TIMEZONEID,b.currency_nm,a.product_cust_id ,c1.family_name,b1.sister_name from cs_t_product_customer a, cs_t_currency b, cs_t_family_group c1, cs_t_family_cms_map d1, cs_t_sister_cms_map a1, cs_t_sister_group b1 where a.currency_id=b.currency_id and d1.family_grp_id=c1.family_grp_id(+) and a.product_cust_id=d1.product_cust_id(+) and a1.sister_grp_id=b1.sister_grp_id(+) and a.product_cust_id=a1.product_cust_id(+) and my HQL query is: ...

16. Left join using on keyword (Hibernate)    coderanch.com

hi friends, this is sql query select tmrhdr.tmr_id,tmr_NAME,tmrlog.id,tmrlog.tmr_type from tmr_hdr tmrhdr left join tmr_log tmrlog on tmrhdr.tmr_id = tmrlog.tmr_id and tmrlog.tmr_type = 'TimeSheet' where tmr_user ='golden' i want to write the same query in HQL. i try to write query. select tmrhdr,tmrhdr.tmrId,tmrhdr.tmrName,tmrlog.id,tmrlog.tmrType from TmrHdr as tmrhdr left join TmrLog as tmrlog where tmrhdr.tmrId = tmrlog.tmrHdr.tmrId and tmrlog.tmrType = 'TimeSheet' where tmrhdr.user ...

17. left outer join *= how make compitible in HQL    coderanch.com

My full sql query SELECT distinct Crit.msgSeqId, Crit.messageId,CaseDt.caseCreatedDate,Rslt.caseId, PayInstExt.instructionIdentification, Usr.first_Name, CaseDt.caseCreator, CAI.caseStatus,Rslt.sender, MsgM.messageName, Rslt.msgDateTime, Rslt.actionReq, Rslt.msgStatus,Rslt.direction,Rslt.messageReference,Rslt.msgSeqId,Crit.msgStatus, CASE Rslt.direction WHEN 'incoming' THEN CASE WHEN Crit.messageId between 1 and 16 or Crit.messageId in (20,21,23,24,25,27,30,31,33) THEN 'true' END WHEN 'outgoing' THEN CASE WHEN Crit.messageId in (1,2,3,4,5,7,7,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,16) THEN 'false' END WHEN 'outgoing' THEN CASE When Crit.messageId in(20,24,30,21,25,31,22,26,32,23,27,33) THEN 'true' END END AS checkbox FROM MessageExchanged ...

18. left outer join in HQL    coderanch.com

I tries many option to enable left outer join in HQL but it didn't worked for me please help me out to solve this issues.. 1. ON keyword is not accepted by it 2. *= gives error 3 not able to find correct syntax for it 4 getting error "Path expected for join" 5 sometimes nullpointer exception my query is SELECT ...

19. Double Left join - cannot get it to work..    forum.hibernate.org

SessionFactory sf = new Configuration().configure().buildSessionFactory(); Session session = sf.openSession(); String qry = "from League as leag " + "left join fetch leag.teams " + "left join fetch leag.teams.players "; Query query ...

20. HQL : LEFT OUTER JOIN    forum.hibernate.org

Hi all, I have two tables and respective classes in java.The mapping in the HBM.xml is as follows : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *****************************************************

21. Newbie left join issue    forum.hibernate.org

The following works: String hql = "select new map(log as log, cur as cur) " + " from db2.co99blh.Dtnamelog log, " + " db2.co99blh.Dtname cur " + " where " + " (log.id.mlid = cur.id.mid and " + " log.id.mlgroup = cur.id.mgroup) " + " order by log.mlco"; But when I try to change the above to use a left join. ...

22. How come the LEFT_JOIN is gone from the Critreria interface    forum.hibernate.org

org.hibernate hibernate-core 3.6.0.Final org.hibernate ...

23. Left join in hbernate    forum.hibernate.org

You cannot specify an "on-clause" in HQL. The part that is usually in the on-clause when you are writing SQL has to be in the Hibernate mapping. If your additional filter b.typeid=5 is not part of the mapping, you cannot specify it diretly with the join. However, you should be able to put it in the where clause.

24. undefined token :on (left outer join)    forum.hibernate.org

25. left joins in hibernate    forum.hibernate.org

quoting rick: Quote: Say I have a Customer object, and one of the mappings is many-to-one for a ZipCity. The ZipCity table maps zip codes to city names, but isn't 100% complete, so I'm going to need outer joins for it all to work, allowing customers with null ZipCity objects. Most Customers have a zip that will map, but say one ...

26. left join don't work    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, in mysql 4.0, this sql works fine SELECT a.description, p.id, a.id FROM actions a LEFT OUTER JOIN permissions p ON p.action_id=a.action_id AND p.group_id=3 how can I do this, using hibernate? I'm trying this hql query, but the result are different select a.description, p.id, a.id from Action a left join a.permissions p where p.group is null or p.group.id =3 tks

27. How to make a left outer join    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, how can i translate the following SQL command to HQL select * from artikel LEFT OUTER JOIN kundenpreise ON artikel.id = kundenpreise.artikel_nr and kundenpreise.kunde_nr='1000' and artikel.nur_kunde=1 where ( artikel.nur_kunde = 1 AND kundenpreise.artikel_nr <> '' OR artikel.nur_kunde = 0 ) i tried the following HQL select artikel from ArtikelDBO artikel LEFT OUTER JOIN artikel.kdPreise kdp where ( artikel.nurKunde = 1 ...

28. How to implement left outer join in hibernate    forum.hibernate.org

Dear All, Iam unable to implement left outer join on specific condition using hibernate, For eg: Select new TestVO(tvo.name,tvo.custID) from com.xyz.TestVO as tvo left outer join com.xyz.Test2VO as tvo2 on (tvo.custID=tvo2.custGrpID) where tvo.shortName like 'qw%' The error as follows: 12:00:58,562 ERROR [STDERR] net.sf.hibernate.QueryException: outer or full join must be followed by path expression [select ne .customerName)] at net.sf.hibernate.hql.FromParser.token(FromParser.java:166) at net.sf.hibernate.hql.ClauseParser.token (ClauseParser.java:87) ...

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30. Left joins    forum.hibernate.org

31. Does Hibernate supports Left outer join for arbitary condi..    forum.hibernate.org

Dear All, I struck up in my application by using Hibernate. My requirement is I need to work with arbitary conditions (two tables). In one table the required field is not nullable.The second table contains the nullable value. How can I retrieve the values from these two tables by parent child relationship. Thanking you in anticipation

32. Does Hibernate supports Left outer join for arbitary condi..    forum.hibernate.org

Dear All, I struck up in my application by using Hibernate. My requirement is I need to work with arbitary conditions (two tables). In one table the required field is not nullable.The second table contains the nullable value. How can I retrieve the values from these two tables by parent child relationship. Thanking you in anticipation

33. why LEFT JOIN have to throw new UnresolvableObjectException?    forum.hibernate.org

Hello everybody! Actually i m working with a projet called Inforum6 using HIbernate as persistance layer. Right now i got stuck with LEFT JOIN who always throws new UnresolvableObjectException because the table which i have joined to does not contain an record wchich match the foreing key in the first table. net.sf.hibernate.UnresolvableObjectException: No row with the given identifier exists: 13, of ...

35. Left Outer Join Syntax    forum.hibernate.org

36. left outer join    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, I am using Hibernate version 2.1.4. Is there any way where I can add additional conditions to the outer join in my query? Example: select .... from table1 left outer join table2 and table1.columnx = table2.columny Hibernate should generate something like: from table1 left outer join table2 on table1.pk = table2.pk and table1.columnx = table2.columny Thanks in advance !!!

38. Purely HQL LEFT JOIN    forum.hibernate.org

Hi all, I am trying to create a join between two tables 'Ordhdr' and 'Company' where Ordhdr has a column called companyuid. Companyuid in Ordhdr is a surrogate key for the uid column in table Company. In my situation I am using HQL to compose a query and want to include a join from Ordhdr to Company. The following native SQL ...

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41. Multiple Left Outer Joins    forum.hibernate.org

Yes, you are able to do as many left outer join between objects/tables as you want. You dont have to mention the "ON key=key2" because the "on clause" is already explicitly said in your mapping. This is an example of my HQL: Code: select cashMovement, toClient.ossClientShortName, rrifLifDetail ...

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43. Trying to implement a LEFT OUTER JOIN    forum.hibernate.org

Newbie Joined: Thu Nov 17, 2005 11:20 am Posts: 2 Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: http://www.hibernate.org/ForumMailingli ... AskForHelp I've read every topic, studied every reference...i don't seem to be doing anything wrong, the example i've gone for is so simple!!! but it's still not working!!! i need this to work so that i can make something a bit more ...

44. HQL: How to write left outer join in HQL    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, My system is using mysql database. I am trying to write a left outer join SQL in HQL. I had tried to write it in HQL, but the count is not same as the one executed thru MySQL query browser. My sql query is as follows: SELECT c.company_name, d.department_name, u.unit_name, count(s.staffno) FROM staff s LEFT OUTER JOIN company c on ...

45. left join within subselect    forum.hibernate.org

Hibernate version: 3.1 Name and version of the database you are using: MySQL, Oracle Hallo I try to use a "left outer join" within a subselect but hibernate ignores the "left join" command and just generates an "inner join"! Is this a bug or is there something wrong with my code? Any help is welcome Thanks! Sebastian. This is a simplyfied ...

46. Pb on left join    forum.hibernate.org

The "LEFT JOIN" syntax for HQL only works for associations. You can get an arbitrary INNER JOIN in HQL as follows: "FROM Object1 obj1, Object2 obj2 WHERE obj1.prop1 = obj2.prop1", but no left join. Can you create an association? I.E. . This way, the association is not fetched unless you attempt to navigate into it ...

47. help with left outer join in hibernate    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, I am using hibernate2. I want to do a left outer join but I am not able to form hql properly. I am writing both sql and hql version of what I am doing. While sql gives the correct results, HQL gives the total sum instead of grouping by PurchaseReqNo. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong. Any ...

48. HQL Left Join    forum.hibernate.org

This is an odd request but one of our queries works fine in SQL but it is unable to fetch the results in Hibernate. The following is the structure: Booking { ID Long, PaymentDate Date, EmployeeID Int, . . . } We want to query for records of the Employees, for how many bookings created versus of those bookings how many ...

49. Left Join    forum.hibernate.org

No mapping is done between these tables... I need to know how can we acheive the same with out a mapping defined. ie it should completely come from HQL... Still i've tried the same what u 've suggested... but gave an error: org.hibernate.hql.ast.QuerySyntaxException: Path expected for join! Please help me resolve this..

50. how should I LEFT OUTER JOIN with HQL ?    forum.hibernate.org

I have two tables transOrg and transEnt both having the idEnt How is supossed that I've to make the LEFT OUTER JOIN between the two tables transOrg.hbm.xml myaction-servlet.xml FROM com.mysystem.dto.transOrg AS to, com.mysystem.dto.transEnt AS te ...

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52. Using left outer gives me Path expected for join    forum.hibernate.org

This kind of join can be done in Hibernate using "theta-style" joins (the old way to join). For example - instead of: select * from tablea a left outer jin tableb b on a.col1 = b.col2 Use this syntax: from tablea a, tableb b where a.col1 = b.col2 Each row in the result would be an Object array with 2 elements, ...

53. Using Left outer join with defining the corresponding relati    forum.hibernate.org

Query: Can we use the Hibernate's "LEFT OUTER JOIN" in a HQL without defining the corresponding relationship in the hibernate mapping file. e.g I have 2 hbm files Test.hbm.xml and Child.hbm.xml Mapping documents: [b]Snippet from Test.hbm.xml Snippet from ...

54. Using left joins    forum.hibernate.org

Movie.hbm.xml MovieComment.hbm.xml

55. HQL left join    forum.hibernate.org

56. Left outer join does not work    forum.hibernate.org

Author Message marciobarroso Post subject: Left outer join does not work Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 1:36 am Newbie Joined: Wed Apr 05, 2006 5:27 pm Posts: 6 Location: SP - BR Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: http://www.hibernate.org/ForumMailingli ... AskForHelp Hibernate version: 3.1.3 Mapping documents: @Entity @Table(name = "t_user", uniqueConstraints = { @UniqueConstraint(columnNames = {"id"}) }) @SequenceGenerator(name ...

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58. Identity left outer join    forum.hibernate.org

Hello, Im using JPA and i cant translate this SQL query in to HQL select atleta.Nome as nome, graduacao1.data as dataInsc, tipogradua.nome as grad from judo.Atletas atleta, judo.TiposGraduacoes tipogradua, judo.Graduacoes graduacao left join judo.Graduacoes graduacao1 on (graduacao.indice_atleta=graduacao1.indice_atleta and graduacao1.id_tipo_graduacao=1) where graduacao.indice_atleta=atleta.indice_atleta and graduacao.id_tipo_graduacao=tipogradua.id_tipo_graduacao and graduacao.id_doc=145 The problem is that i cant make an left join from a entity Graduacoes to an ...

59. HQL (Left join) for unassociated tables?    forum.hibernate.org

Hi HQL has the limitation that joins between tables cannot be established in a query, which are not related to each other using PK/FK relationship. Has this been resolved in later versions? I dont want to use an SQL query instead. Can this be done now? If yes, would be great if sample HQL query be posted here Thanks,

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Hi, I need to join two tables using left outer join. But, the data types of the two tables column are different. I need to know that how to write the hbm files under this situation. For eg. Consider the following two tables A and B, Table A(ID NUMBER PKEY,ANOTHER_ID VARCHAR) Table B(ID NUMBER PKEY,NAME VARCHAR) I need to left join ...

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Hi all, I am using Hiberanate 3 on postgres. I have a problem in using left outer join in HQL query. the query . in @Named Query query="select code, detail from Code code left outer join Detail detail on (detail.id= code.id) where code.category = :category order by code.id" Here the object Code is not mapped to object Detail. I came across ...

69. Left Join    forum.hibernate.org

I have two tables: table_1 id, column_1 column_2 column_3 column_4 table_2 id, table_1_key column_1 column_b column_c column_d For every row in table_1 there are 0 to n rows in table_2. The column table_1_key in table_2 is a foreign key pointing to table_1.id. I want to select the contents of both table always retrieving the contents of table_1 even if there are ...

70. Trying to do a left join    forum.hibernate.org

I am using Hibernate 3.2.5. I have two mapped classes: MappedA MappedB I have an un-mapped class that aggregates the two mapped classes: public class Container { private MappedA a; private MappedB b; public Container(MappedA a, MappedB b) { ...and so on... I can run this HQL query just fine: "select new Container(a, b) from MappedA a, MappedB b where a.field ...

71. left outter join on a table with two other unrelated ref    forum.hibernate.org

I would like to left outter join on a table (profile) with two other unrelated reference tables Could you please help me to write the HQL query I am using the latest version of hibernate 3.3 , spring 3.0 and java 5 select p.id,p.name, c.value, b.value from profile p left outer join ref_business_type b on p.business_type_code = b.code and b.locale ='en_CA' ...

72. Left Join ERROR    forum.hibernate.org

I have a select Query that looks like this: extract="FROM table1 SR, table2 PD, table3 DR, table4 DF where SR.field in (:myype) and SR.fieldp = DF.filedp(+) and SR.fieldy = DF.fieldy(+) and SR.fieldx= (:mystring)"; This works fine when you run in directly on oracle... but hibernate doesn't like it.... I am getting the following error: com.x.y.z.exceptions.ExtractException: Extract failed for the named query:FROM ...

73. LEFT Joins one table with itself    forum.hibernate.org

Hi all, I want to write a query like follow in hql please help me.There is no way that i can find like self query with many join columns. And i am using hibernate annotation API. QUERY ===== SELECT DISTINCT s1.id, s1.first_name, s1.salary, s1.Description, s2.Description FROM employee s1 LEFT JOIN employee s2 ON s1.city = s2.city AND s1.salary=s2.salary AND s1.start_date!=s2.start_date WHERE ...

74. HQL left join not working    forum.hibernate.org

hello, I am a newbie here and would like your opinion on how i can fix this issue i am facing... I have 3 tables (tabel1, table2, table3) mapped to 3 classes (class1, class2 and class3) using annotations, with the following relationships, say. Class1 - Class2 (m:n) Class2 - Class3 (1:m) Class1 - Class3 (1:m) I am trying to write a ...