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1. Hibernate Criteria: Left Outer Join with restrictions on both tables

I am doing a LEFT OUTER JOIN, but I am only able to apply Restrictions on the first table. Is there a way ti apply on the second table as well? Here ...

2. Hibernate restrictions with joins

I trying to build a Criteria made up of various components. Imagine the mapped classes below.

class Thing {
   Inner inner;
   String x;

class User {

3. Hibernate Criteria, Joins, Or

I'm trying to accomplish ad-hoc queries using joined tables, using an Restrictions.or and Restrictions.ilike My entities look like:

public class CaseReview {

    @Column(name = "REVIEW_ID", unique ...

4. Left Outer Join with restrictions on both tables

I think the error is because your Criteria is on the Applicant and Hibernate is trying to look for the "productName" on Applicant. Which method for Alias have you tried? some thing like below List cats = session.createCriteria(Cat.class) .createAlias("kittens", "kit") .add("", "Iz%") ) .list(); OR List cats = session.createCriteria(Cat.class) .createCriteria("cat.kittens","kit",Criteria.LEFT_JOIN) .add( -Srilatha.

5. Using Restrictions with Criteria joins

Hi, I am populating an object say Employer. Like : Code: Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Employer.class,"employerData").add(Restrictions.eq("employerId", employerId)); criteria = criteria.createAlias("employerData.person", "person",CriteriaSpecification.LEFT_JOIN).setFetchMode("person", FetchMode.JOIN); criteria = criteria.createAlias("person.personNames", "personNames",CriteriaSpecification.LEFT_JOIN).setFetchMode("personNames", FetchMode.JOIN); criteria ...

6. HQL outer join with restriction

I need to write an outer join query with a restriction on an inner table. Written in sybase the query would look like this: select I.* from ITEM I left outer join BID B on I.ITEM_ID = B.ITEM_ID where B.amount *= 10 How can this query be expressed in HQL? Or does HQL follow strict ANSI standards that prohibit usage of ...

7. Criteria API - add Restrictions to 4 joined tables

Hibernate version: 3.2 Mapping documents: 20:54:56,281 INFO HbmBinder:300 - Mapping class: domain.Office -> office 20:54:56,281 DEBUG HbmBinder:1270 - Mapped property: id -> office_id 20:54:56,281 DEBUG HbmBinder:1270 - Mapped property: name -> name 20:54:56,328 INFO HbmBinder:300 - Mapping class: domain.Property -> property 20:54:56,328 DEBUG HbmBinder:1270 - Mapped property: id -> property_id 20:54:56,343 DEBUG HbmBinder:1270 - Mapped property: office -> office_id 20:54:56,343 DEBUG ...

8. Equi Join using Restrictions ?