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1. How to join tables in unidirectional many-to-one condition?

I have two classes . for example :

class A {
public Long id ;
class B {
public Long id ;
public A a ;
B and A has many to one relationship. I can get List ...

2. Customizing Hibernate Criteria - Adding conditions to a left join

I need to be able to do the following: Select * from Table1 left join Table2 on id1 = id2 AND i1 = ? Hibernate criteria doesn't allow be to specify ...

3. How to specify multiple conditions on left join using JPA Criteria API?

I'd like to convert the following SQL query:

select * from region_tree country left outer join region_tree region   
on country.REG_CODE_PAR=region.REG_CODE  
and region.LFT < country.LFT   
and region.RGT > ...

4. OpenJPA Left Outer Join conditions

Is it possible to translate the following to (Open)JPA?

select t0.*
from Person t0
left outer join Car t1
on = t1.id_person
and t1.type = 'blah'
What I want is to specify outer join conditions. Note ...

5. JPA where condition with multiple joins

I have 3 entities lets say A, B, C and I joined them using root.join(B.class).join(C.class). When I do query.where(builder.equal(join.get("name"), "testing")); It is doing the search rather search. Could someone can ...

6. Nhibernate QueryOver Left Outter Joins with conditions

I found a few resources online but havent really been able to sort this one out Basically I have a query which has two left outter joins on it

var query = session.QueryOver<NewsPost>(() ...

7. HQL - outer join on 2 conditions

I need to write The Query. Here is a simplified problem: There are named baskets. There are fruits in them (0 or more). Basket have owners (1 or more). Fruits also have ...

8. Multiple Join Conditions in Hibernate

I'm trying to do this:

select * from A, B where A.id1=B.id1 and A.id2=B.id2
Assume relationship between A and B is 1-to-many. I'm using Hibernate mapping XML:
    <set name="mapAnalysisResults" table="ANALYSIS_RESULTS" ...

9. Hibernate Criteria Could not understand Left Join "ON" condition-- HELP

Hi, I have a Query on 2 tables A,B as below: This query is returning correct result on Database. select, from Apple A left join Ball B on B.aId where A.categoryId = 23 order by ; In Database, for each category, We have many records in A table. And corresponding to each entry in A table, We ...

10. Adding conditions to LEFT JOIN

11. How to join tables on unidirectional many-to-one condition ?

This is not right. You're still using B to join A , hibernate will select a subquery from B and use this subquery to join B. If I have 10 records in A , only 1 record in B that have FK to A , I can only get 1 result. What I want to do is to let A left ...

12. JPA Criteria : LEFT JOIN with an AND condition

13. necessary Join condition needed

14. Conditional outer joins in HQL?

Are these possible in HQL? I'll use the typical student - enrollment - course example to illustrate my situation. Say i have table student which has a one to many relationship to enrollment which has a many to one relationship with course. Using hibernates neat idbag feature, i hide the associative enrollment table so that each student has a List of ...

15. HQL : LEFT JOIN : Extra Conditions...

16. multiple outer join condition

I'm using [b]Hibernate 2.1.4[/b] and here is a fragment of my mapping file: [b] gen_kmodel gen_kcheltuiala

17. Automatic table joins where condition

Hello, I have the following : select from Company as c where (c.dbaName LIKE :name or LIKE :name) the causes it to automatically create the correct table join and where condition. The problem is where it's putting the paranthesis. Here is the resulting SQL: select company0_.MASTER_NO ... from MASTER company0_, PARTY party1_ where ((company0_.DBA_NAME LIKE ? )or( LIKE ? ...

18. Conditional outer join

19. Condition on Join

I need to apply a condition on the Join not in the where clause. SQL supports this. I read on JIRA that Hibernate 3.1 beta version should be able to do this. But teh output of teh following query is not correct. Code between sessionFactory.openSession() and session.close(): select p from Portals p left outer join p.clientPortalsSet as cp with cp.clients.feedId = ...

20. condition on join in HQL

..... ...

21. additional condition within a join

Hi, I just wonder how to add a join condition within a join mapping. Code: ...

22. condition on outer join

from table1 as tbl1 inner join tbl1.table2 as tbl2 left outer join tbl1.table3 as tbl3 where tbl3 is null or (tbl3.dt = 12 and = abc) or (tbl3.dt = 13 and <> abc)

23. Left Join with multiple ON condition

Hi guys, I have a pretty simple problem to solve is giving me an headeache! I have an object A that has a mapped Set inside B. I would like to have all the A object and only the B object that are linked to A. A quite simple LEFT JOIN. In sql my query would be something like "SELECT, ...

24. How to use "ON" conditions using left join in HQL

Hibernate version:3.1.2 Name and version of the database you are using:Microsoft SQL Server 2000 I have 2 tables: Parent & Children. Parent structure: id(int), name(string). Primary key: id. Children structure: parentid(int), type(int), name(string). Primary key: parentid, type. "Children.parentid" is related to "". I can use SQL to left join a certain "type" of "Children": "SELECT * FROM Parent LEFT OUTER JOIN ...

25. Additional join condition

26. or-condition for two joins

27. Join condition in Criteria possible?

... ...

28. HQL: Joins with condition and bracket

select as name, cv.mail as mail from person p left outer join ( ...

30. Join with condition

31. Doing a left join with a condition in that join


32. HQL - Outer join with multiple conditions

33. Implementing arbitrary join condition

I am new to Hibernate and was wondering what would be the best way to define association between these tables in the hibernate mapping file. create table meta_data ( metadata_id identity not null primary key, meta_name varchar(25) not null, meta_code varchar(10) not null, description varchar(255) not null, parent_meta_name varchar(25), parent_meta_code varchar(10)); The meta_name, meta_code, parent_meta_name, and parent_meta_code uniquely identify a row ...