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1. Joining two tables over a compound index in Hibernate

I have Entity A - type - uniqueKey and Entity B - uniqueKey and i dont know how to integrate it into hibernate that i can produce results like from this query: select * ...

2. How use hibernate criteria for a left outer join without direct link into the two tables

I'm trying to translate a SQL quest into Hibernate criteria. My quest is working in SQL :

    select * from objective 
    left outer join conditionstate ...

3. How to use join in hibernate criteria following situation

We have two tables Family and Member, the relation between these two is Family has set of members in it but member don't have any family relationship within it. I wanted ...

4. (Lazy) LEFT OUTER JOIN using the Hibernate Criteria API

I want to perform a LEFT OUTER JOIN between two tables using the Criteria API. All I could find in the Hibernate documentation is this method:

Criteria criteria = this.crudService

5. Hibernate Criteria and multiple join

is possible with Hibernate criteria do it?

select A.something, B.something, C.something, D.something
    from  A JOIN B on = B.id_fk

6. Hibernate Criteria API multiple joins

My hibernate entities are as follows:

@Table(name = "EditLocks")
public class EditLock extends AuditableEntity {

    /** The document that is checked out. */

7. JPA criteria builder with multiple joins

i'm struggling to create a jpa query that makes use of several tables. i cannot seem to understand how to join the tables together. this is the query i am trying ...

8. Joining tables using criteria and sqlProjection

I have the following function that builds a Hibernate Criteria to generate binned data:

private Criteria getCustomBinResultCriteriaSQL(double binSizeX, double binSizeY, String xVar, String yVar, String customBinQuery) {
    return createCriteria(Residue.class)

9. How do you add join a table using Criteria class?

I am new to using Criteria, and i am trying to join tables on my query.
This is my expected query set up

Select * FROM ATable a INNER JOIN BTable b ON ...

10. Add two different tables is a single criteria (join )

The scenario is i want to select candidates from my sql where resume searchable =1 and there city = Annistion. (resume searchable is in 1 table and city is ...

11. Hibernate: Criteria with many-to-many join table?

Consider following two relations:

@Entity class Foo {
    @Id id;

    @JoinTable(name = "ATag", 

12. Hibernate criteria for a junction table - how to create?

I have simply 3 tables like: product
name category
name product_category
c_id I want to get a list of products where the products have category of id=3. I am confused about how to write a hibernate criteria for this. ...

13. Hibernate Criteria API - create automatic join

I have the following setup

Seizure {
   private SeizureI18n seizureI18n;

   @OneToOne(fetch = FetchType.LAZY)
   public SeizureI18n getSeizureI18n() {
     return this.seizureI18n;

14. Hibernate criteria for left outer join

15. Criteria request and join tables

Hi, I have 3 SQL tables : staff, staff_event and event. Between staff and event, it is a @ManyToMany relationship. But because there is an extra column in staff_event, I can't defined a @ManyToMany relationship but two @ManyToOne relationship. So I have 4 classes : class staff { @OnToMany(mappedBy = "pk.staff") Set staffEvents; } class StaffEvent{ StaffEventPk pk @EmbeddedId StaffEventPk getpk(){} ...

16. How to do the Join with Criteria

Hallo Guys, I'm quite new to Hibernate and having a problem with joining two tables: Table1: ins => InformationSystemContainer Rows: ID_BB, NAME Table2: isr => InformationSystemRelease Rows: ID_BB, VERSION, ID_INS "ID_INS" contains the primary key of the corresonding Container. The result shall be a list of all InformationSystemReleases, whose VERSION is like a String "searchTerm" OR its InformationSystemContainer's NAME is like ...

17. Need help from seniors on Hibernate Criteria Join

return getSession().createCriteria(Invoice.class).createCriteria("invoiceStateList", "state").add( Expression.eq("state.type", "INVACC")).add( Expression.eq("state.value", "2BP")).list();

18. Joining 2 existing criterias

20. LEFT OUTER JOIN and Criteria

21. Using criteria API two join tables

List rs = session.createCriteria(purchase.class) .setFetchMode("account",FetchMode.JOIN) .add(Restrictions.eq("eid",new Integer(940) .add(Restrictions.eq("status","reference") .setProjection(Projections.propertyList() .add("id")) ...

22. auto join criteria

23. JOIN with Criteria

I am getting an information overload and cannot find the answer to this question: I would like to use a criteria with restrictions on the columns of the bags the persistent class has collections of. Is this possible? If so, how can this be done? Explanation: A persistent class A has a primary key (A.getId()) and a collections of the persistent ...

24. How to force outer joins in Criteria?

Hi, I was trying to force outer joins in Criteria queries by setting the fetch mode as JOIN, still it is not working, but when I manually give the fetch="join" in the mapping files, this looks to be working. Any clues how it can be made to work by setting the fetch mode? Thanks in advance for the answers.

25. HQL left outer join with criteria

How can I do a left out join two tables while specifing criteria for the table being outer joined to? In regular SQL i would do something like: select tabA.*, tabB.* from tableA as tabA left outer join tableB as tabB on ( = tabB.parentId and tabB.type = 'X') in HQL I don't think I can use the ON keyword so ...

26. Join using Criteria

I have an Event that references Cause which contains a Set of Reason. I can make a query string allowing a query of Event into the set of reasons by doing a join, but haven't figured out how to make this work using Criteria. It seems that Criteria.createCriteria( String ) should work, but all of my attempts are failing so I'm ...

27. many-to-one appears to be missing join criteria

Hi Folks, I've been using hibernate for a little while but I've got an issue with a many-to-one relationship I have, so here goes: I have two tables, one is a relationship table and one is a data table, the first one inbound_messages has a pk called inbound_message_id. This is linked to subscription_addresses through inbound_message_id. My Mappings look like this : ...

28. one-to-many HQL & Criteria with outer-join

I tried one-to-many mapping with Hibernate, and query the result back using either HQL or Criteria query. I found the outer-join doesn't exactly work as it should be. Could some one give me some light? that's is expected behaviro or bug? options: HQL outer-join="false": correct outer-join="true": outer-join happen, but too many states(= State x city) options: Criteria outer-join="false": correct outer-join="true": outer-join ...

29. Left join with criteria

I have following tables and corresponding classes with appropriate get/set methods for all fields. ITEMS ID ORDER ID ITEM_ID CUSTOMER_ID class Item{ privater long id; private Set orders; ... } class ORDER{ privater long id; private Item item; private long customer_id; ... } Could anyone suggest a HQL query that selects all items that have no orders for given customer_id? SQL ...

30. Join using Criteria Or HQL

[b]Hibernate 3.0 Alpha[/b] [b]Oracle 8i[/b] I have following three classes. Organization Person Roles Above classes have mapping documents in which Organization Class has a set of Persons (One to Many Relation) Person class has set of Roles (Many to Many Relation) Mapping contents of Organization Class Mapping contents of Person Class

31. Criteria API and left outer join

Hi! Using the Criteria API I'm trying to load all the object graph in one SQL select using outer joins but it seems that all associated objects are all loaded in the first query but also each one individually: ... ...

32. Criteria + join of join

33. Outer join with Criteria

34. Criteria outer joins

I'm am trying to do a left outer join using the criteria api and alias', is this possible? for example in hql: select x from X as x left outer join x.column as y Obviously this query would return all results in table X regardless of whether it had a matching value in the join table for x.column. My problem is, ...

35. Outer join with Criteria

36. Criteria API joins

You can use a "nameQuery" using "left outer join". here's a working example: Hibernate mapping XMLs Code:

37. LazyInitializationException outer-join=true Criteria

Hi, I have problem with Criteria. My model is: InventarioInicial have a set of Lote (lazy=true). Lote have a set of Envase (lazy=true). Lote have an many-to-one association with MateriaPrima (outer-join=true). MateriaPrima have an many-to-one association with Ubicacion (outer-join=false). Envase have an many-to-one association with Ubicacion (outer-join=true). My mapping documents: InventarioInicial ...

38. "Reverse" a join with the Criteria API

39. Own join for criteria API

40. Criteria API, forcing JOIN syntax on double join.

Hibernate version: 3.1 Full stack trace of any exception that occurs: Name and version of the database you are using: MySQL 5.0 I have a parent record PARENT, and a child record CHILD (many-to-one, lazy). Imagine I wish to retrieve a list of ParentRecords and all their (ChildRecords (all child records loaded JOIN style, so 1 query) where there exists at ...

41. Use of criteria with left join

I am confused about how Criteria.setFetchMode() is supposed to be used. I've setup two simple classes: A and B. Class A contains an instance of Class B. Each class has one other property and an ID. A has a name (String). B has a color (String). My data looks like the following: A: id name b_id 1 foo 2 bar ...

42. Status of Outer Joins with Criteria?

I've been researching how to use outer joins with Criteria, specifically I have a one to one or zero relationship (specified as a many to one in the parent object), when querying the parent I want to filter the results based on values of the child (if it exists, if the child does not exist I want the option of including ...

44. Left join with criteria API

Ok, the thing is that I was using for that case a DetachedCriteria. If you use the normal Criteria you have the method createCriteria which accepts a int parameter with the Join Type, so I have changed a bit my code to not to use the DetachedCriteria in that case.... Cheers, Bruno

45. Criteria with Join

Hi, i'm using hibernate 3.1.3. here are my pojos or rather hbm's: Feature Code:

47. How to add a criteria from to tables that have been joined w

How to add a criteria from to tables that have been joined with a class with many-to-one relationship: Error: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.dao.hibernate.Transactions org.apache.jsp.pages.ResultPage_jsp._jspService( org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service( Criteria crit = session.createCriteria(Transaction.class); crit.add("department", 10)); in my action I got the error. but when I change it to the below I cant pass the Restriction Parameter: Criteria crit = session.createCriteria(AssignmentItems.class); //crit.add("department", 10)); it doesnt work since the ...

48. Issue Joining Three tables in hibernate and passing criteria

I have this field called status and you can enter anything in this field and it is not even required. but for some reason when I get data back from hibernate I get back the value "null" in my field.... why is this happening.. i am using hibernate to retrieve the data...

49. How to use joins between two unassociated tables in Criteria

Hi, My requirement is 'we should join two tables (where they don't have any associations) and retrieve the data by projecting only specific columns'. I did the Column filtering using the Criteria.Projections functionality. And here, I want to introduce a join condition with one generic table which actually don't have any specific association with my target table. Let me give my ...

50. Joins using Criteria

51. equi joins using Criteria

Hi sureshmilo, I would suggest to use HQl.By using Criteria You can able to fire same query but Return object does not have your expected value or will return null. Because Return state of object always consistent with DB .Lets say one Parent has three children then if u are applying any criteria on child,If any child matches it would return ...

52. Adding criterias for joined tables

Hello, I have the following code: Opfile opfile = (Opfile) session .createCriteria("com.test.beans.File") .add("fileid", fileids)) .add(Restrictions.eq("filetype", "SE2")) .uniqueResult(); which works just fine. Now i want to add a field which is in a table that is joined in a one-to-one relation and i just get the instance by: opfile.getOpdir() as soon as i instantiate opfile the Opdir class is also available. Now, ...

53. Left Join with Criteria

54. Exclusions using Criteria and left joins

Hibernate version: Name and version of the database you are using: Informix 10 Hi! I've been looking for a solution in FAQs and previous posts about this problem. I will try to simplify it: I have 2 tables, orders and invoices for example ORDERS order_id order_desc ... INVOICE invoice_id order_key ... What I need to do is to get a ...

55. How to perform a Join using Criteria API

Hi Im trying to extend criteria query in a generic manner (permission filtering). So Ive created a class and mapped it to a DB view (that includes all the permitted entities). However there is no association between the classes in the hibernate mapping file. I want to extend all hibernate criteria query before its being executed with my permission criteria, but ...

56. Join tables using Criteria

57. Join on 2 tables via Criteria api

58. How to create a left-join-with with the Criteria api

A UserAccout is in an ManyToOne relationship with Person I have the following HQL select u from UserAccount u left join u.person p with like 'P%' where u.username like 'U%' works exactly as I expect -generating sql with the restriction on person within the join clause and not on the where clause I can create almost the same query using ...

59. Joins with Hibernate Criteria API

I found a way to simulate what we are looking for (I am using NHibernate but I presume something similar will work for hibernate) This method creates a condition with the restrictions you require and then also allows for the case that no result exists. Code: public static ICriteria CreateLeftOuterJoin(ICriteria criteria, string associationPath, ...

60. Criteria with multiple joins

I withdraw this question. There is nothing inherent to the Criteria that forces a LEFT JOIN on the children. My problem was that, along with the children (Provinces) of "Countries", I had several other one-to-many associations issuing from the main table. This caused nulls to be returned on the right side of my resultset. The only way a consistent resultset can ...

61. howto create a criteria join

well, there is really no reason to make an association (foreign key) between states languages and peoples languages... imagine a call center data model: each client insert his code, and the call is redirected to the first free support person matching the client language. should I do a multi-multi relation between person and clients based on joining the language with two ...

62. Criteria Framework Joins

Hi, General Question. Is it possible to join two tables when there is no mapping association between them? When there is an association I know you can use 'createAlias' to cause a join to occur. There are some other ways too... I don't want a subselect or a correlated subquery either, I want an actual join to occur. Many thanks to ...

63. am hanging in join using criteria. please guide me

The biggest difference, and this is huge, is that the criteria API allows you to think of your problem domain in terms of objects, not SQL. If you want to play around with SQL type of syntax, then HQL is probably your best bet. It combines your object model with common query language constructs. But the Criteria API lets you think ...

64. HQL WITH analog using Criteria API(extra JOIN ON parameters)

Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: ... AskForHelp Hibernate version: 3.2.6 GA Mapping documents: Annotations Name and version of the database you are using: MS SQL 2005 I have two tables - Enitites and Profiles Entities: bigint id varchar name Profiles: bigint entity_type bigint entity_id bigint role_id bit allowed Situation: I use code like Code: @Entity @Table(name = "entities") ...

65. Criteria with joining 3 tables

Session session = HiberUtil.getCurrentSession(); Criteria topic = session.createCriteria(Topic.class); topic.setFetchMode("poster", FetchMode.JOIN) .addOrder(Order.desc(orderBy)) ...

66. Optimized databse access with Criteria JOIN

Dear Sirs, i would like to accelerate my little web application, when it loads some data in to a html table. The table does not exactly match with a table on the database. On the html-Pagetable there are two or three additional columns, that needs to be filled with data. In order to prevent the application to create an individual select ...

67. joining three tables with criteria

Hi, I am new to hibernate and need help setup the following select a.* from a, b, c where a.1stId = b.1stId and b.2ndId = c.2ndId and c.somecolumn = 'BLA'; i tried setting up below @Entity @Table(name="a") @SecondaryTable(name="b") public class a { @Column(table="b") private long Id2; @Id @Column(name="1stId") private long Id1; private c ac; } @Entity public class c { @Id ...