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1. DB2 triggers for primary keys    forum.hibernate.org

It is worse than that - you have to figure out some way to retrieve the value generated by the trigger. You can tell your DBA to solve this problem for you, and if (s)he cannot, you have a damn good reason to tell your DBA that this is a Bad Way to generate primary keys.

2. Generating ad-hoc, non-pk sequenced values in DB2+hibernate    forum.hibernate.org

We need to generate sequenced keys that ARE NOT the primary key and are generated at some time (maybe days, weeks, who knows when) after the record itself has been saved. The most effective and safest way we can think to do this in DB2 is to use a sequence. However, we still want to maintain some kind of encapuslation of ...

3. SQLGrammarEx when using Restrictions.in for DB2 with dual PK    forum.hibernate.org

mypackage.SomeTableBase Id ...