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1. reverse engineering a sybase table without a primary key

Newbie Joined: Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:57 am Posts: 3 I have a table that doesn't have any primary keys. but a unique row can be selected by creating one from three columns. I can't change the database model at this time, but i tried to use the reverse engineering tool to create a composite primary key. hibernate.reveng.xml file: Code:

2. Primary key + Alternative key + Sybase problem

Hibernate version: 2.1.7 Mapping documents: ...

3. DenormalizedTable creates FK names too long for Sybase 12

I searched the forums and jira for this, couldn't find an answer to this. With mapped subclasses, it looks like foreign key names are based on foreign key names of the parent class/table (see DenormalizedTable.createForeignKeys()). The key names get longer and longer for each subclass. At three-levels of inheritance deep, this exceeds the name length limitation in sybase 12 (30 chars). ...