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1. HIBERNATE - Dependent objects FK not getting set    coderanch.com

All, When attempting to save an object with a dependent object, my dependent objects FK is not getting set. Here are the mapping files: activity_seq next_hi 1

10. Getting objects by business key    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, I want to follow best practices of Hibernate, so I use surrogate keys in my tables as primary keys. But when I want to retrieve objects from the db by business keys, I have to use a HQL query, which seems ugly to me when I want to retrieve it by a simple unique business key. Is there any other ...

11. About making primary key table object.    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, In the Hibernate,I am aware that, to insert data in foreign key in the table, first we have to make the object of primary key table, then we can use that object as foriegn key for inserting data in another table. but the problem is that, if i want to insert the 1 million record at a time, then each ...