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1. Hibernate Criteria: Eagerly load ManyToMany collection

My problem seems pretty straightforward to me, but I just can't seem to find an answer that works. I have a Hibernate Entity which has a ManyToMany association with another Entity, ...

2. @ManyToMany parent and collection deleted, throws LazyInitializationException on accessing collection in AuditInterceptor

Here is the object structure;

public class Ticket {
  private int ticketId; // the pk
  private List<SecurityUser> assignees;

  // other getters and setters;

  @JoinTable(name = "ticket_assignee", ...

3. Hibernate ManyToMany without loading objects

I have a relation like Person <-> LivedAt <-> Address Where each person LivedAt possibly multiple addresses and each address could have been LivedAt by possibly many people. LivedAt has attributes ...

4. ManyToMany - loading all objects on save!?

Newbie Joined: Wed Nov 08, 2006 6:56 am Posts: 1 I'm having real performance issue here when using ManyToMany relationships between two of my entity classes, maybe my mapping is all wrong but I think I tried everything. These two entities are updateable from both sides (e.g you can add Stations/Lines from a Company and also add Companies to a Station/Line). ...