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1. How do I load my object using hibernate when there is double @id in my entity bean?

int master_id;

int id;
...this is not working:
User user= (User) session.load(User.class, new Integer(master_id), new Integer(id));

load(Class theClass, Serializable id) 
I replaced the last two arguments with a serializable object and still cannot retrive the ...

2. How can I serialize a jpa bean that will also get the lazy loading relationship?

I need to serialize the result of a jpql query (meaning I need to serialize all the jpa beans). I want to get all nested relationship (even if they are lazy ...

3. LazyInitializationException in @RequestScoped Bean after explicit EntityManager.find

we are currently migrating from JavaEE5 to JavaEE6 and are using JBoss 6.0.0 and JSF2. For simplicity this example is constructed and based on the Maven archetype: org.jboss.weld.archetypes:jboss-javaee6-webapp:1.0.1.CR2 I have added a ...

4. NonUniqueObjectException - MDB loading, Session bean saving

Hibernate version:2.16 We have the following structure: A message driven bean receives a JMS message with an ID number on it. The MDB uses that ID number to load up an instance using hibernate, then changes a few values on the instance. The MDB then calls a method on a session bean to (amongst other things) save the instance, passing the ...

5. Hibernate fails to load values from DB into a Bean

Hi All, I am loading a DB record via Hibernate using this: Person person = (Person) session.load(Person.class,5667); and then trying to output the Person Bean into an XML format using Apache Commons Betwixt like this: Main Class: Code: BeanWriter beanWriter; StringWriter outputWriter; //THIS IS HOW I CONFIGURE BETWIXT TO GET MY DESIRED XML OUTPUT ...