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1. Hibernate - How to persist a new item in a Collection without loading the entire Collection    stackoverflow.com

I ahve asked this on the Hibernate forums but no one seems to have been able to provide an answer so I am trying here! Thanks chaps! I have a collection in ...

2. NHibernate collection size without loading the entire collection    stackoverflow.com

:) I have the following classes:

  • Dislike
    • DislikedComment (Comment)
    • MemberId (int)
  • Comment
    • Dislikes (List<Dislike>)
    • Text (String)
    • ArticleId (int)
(Extra properties omitted for brevity) These classes are mapped using Fluent NHibernate in the expected way (with inverse on the list on comment). ...

3. Updating an object in Hibernate without loading entire object    coderanch.com

I have several queries that pull two or three fields from an object in the database. Up until now, they've all been read only. But now I need to modify one of those fields. I've tried changing the object in the array, but that doesn't save to the database when I call commit. Is there a way to do this without ...

4. Force eager load of entire graph?    forum.hibernate.org

Hibernate version:2.1.6 Is there a way to run a query and force everything to be loaded in the object graph? We are working with relatively small datasets here, and based on the last 4 years of data, we will continue to do so. Retrieving the entire object graph on a query and sending it back to the web tier makes development ...

5. Fetching entire object at once instead of usual lazy loading    forum.hibernate.org

Lazy loading is a great feature, especially as many of my objects have lots of child objects to manage details, and some of them have children, or are polymorphic, or, etc... (It was the effort required in persisting some of the more complex object graphs that inspired me to finally stop messing around with hand coded JDBC nonsense and use a ...