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1. Hibernate -- load an object based on a member object's field

How can an object be loaded via Hibernate based on a field value of a member object? For example, suppose the following classes existed, with a one-to-one relationship between bar and ...

2. In Hibernate, when an object's fields are lazy loaded, can I only change one of the fields and do update(object)?

Considering this:

   class Order
        public ...

3. Best practices for entities with lazy fields in a multi-J2EE-applications system

I'm developing a system made up of several J2EE applications deployed on an Oracle Weblogic server, using Toplink as a JPA provider. In my system, I have one application in charge of ...

4. Load only some fields from a collection

Hi all, I have the following question. I have an entity "Bug" that has a collection of "Bug" inside (these are the bugs related to the first one). This object is quite big and because of Web Services use I cannot use lazy loading and also this relation causes a cycle in the object graph (a big problem for CXF web ...

5. Are @Version fields loaded implicitly?

6. session.load when fields are CHAR not work !!!