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1. eager-loading queries with GORM/Hibernate    stackoverflow.com

My Grails app has the following domain objects

class ProductType {
    String name
    static hasMany = [attributes: Attribute]

class Attribute {       ...

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I noticed that the Grails hibernate plugin does not support the hibernate load function? Does anybody know why that is? In all of the documentation that I have seen, ...

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I want to access the list of organisations from a user object within the main.gsp:

<g:select name="effectiveOrganisation"
from="${session.user.organisations}" optionKey="id" optionValue="name"
value="${session.effectiveOrganisation?.id}" />
The user object is defined by the following class:
class SystemUser {


4. lazy column loading in Grails domain class    stackoverflow.com

I have a domain class like this:

class Document {
 String mime;
 String name;
 byte[] content;

 static mapping = {
  content lazy:true;
and I'd like to enable lazy loading to the ...

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I'm currently experiencing an issue with grails. I have a class (Item) containing a List (hasMany = [users : User]), then User is a class containing 3 sub classes (SubUser1, SubUser2). The ...

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Is it possible to load an entire table into cache on Grails startup? For example I have a 2 tables with 5000 records each that is used as static read only data. ...