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1. Table per subclass inheritance relationship: How to query against the Parent class without loading any subclass ??? (Hibernate)

Suppose a Table per subclass inheritance relationship which can be described bellow (From - see here) Notice Parent class is not abstract

public class Project {


2. Inheritance for saving, not for loading

HI all, I'm attempting to persist a class heirarchy without really wanting to persist the heriarchy.... that is, during processing of incoming requests, I may be using subclasses, e.g: SpecialFoo, which inherits from Foo. Foo itself has a mapping file. SpecialFoo does not. Upon attempting to persist a SpecialFoo, I get "No persister for: SpecialFoo". Which is reasonable I suppose, since ...

3. inheritance - lazy loading problem

/** * @hibernate.class table="INSTRUMENT_HISTORY_TBL" proxy="com.domainmodel.InstrumentHistory" */ public class InstrumentHistory implements { private Long instMktDtHistEntryId; private Long instrumentId; private Instrument instrument; /** * */ public Long getInstrumentId() { ...

4. How can I load inheritance mapping??

Hello, the question is: In my object model I've got a hierarchy that represents the posible actions (superclass Action, subclasses Create, Pass, Get, Give, Destroy). In my relational model, I've got an only table which stores all these actions, that is, in the table ACTIONS, there is a row for an action: Code: ...

5. Mixed inheritance hierarchy and lazy loading problem

Author Message dunks Post subject: Mixed inheritance hierarchy and lazy loading problem Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2005 10:00 am Newbie Joined: Thu Apr 14, 2005 6:26 pm Posts: 4 Hi all, I have a problem and I looked all over the forum but I couldn't find anyone with a similar issue. I'm using a mixed inheritance mapping of table ...

6. Lazy loading of subclasses using joined inheritance

I am using Hibernate3.1 and want to know how to lazy load my subclasses . following is a sample of my mapping file

7. Problem loading inherited Collections.

Hibernate 3.1.3 PsotgreSQL Company.hbm CompanyCommissions.hbm CompanyCommissionDetails.hbm