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1. NHibernate - problem with eager loading    stackoverflow.com

I have a ClassA that has many ClassB elements:

public abstract class ClassA: IEntity<ClassA>
    public virtual IList<ClassB> ClassBList { get; protected set; }
Then ClassB ...

2. Eager loading with HQL    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to do eager loading with HQL without touching mappings? The "left join fetch" expression is completely ignored by nHibernate.

var query = Session.CreateQuery("from o in Member left join fetch ...

3. How to eager fetch a child collection while joining child collection entities to an association    stackoverflow.com

Assuming the following fictional layout

  has many Cars
     has a Manufacturer
I want to write a query that says get me a Dealership with a Name of ...

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So, according to Ayende Lazy Loading Properties are already in the NHibernate trunk. My Problem is: I can't use the trunk for I have FluentNHibernate and LinQ for NHibernate, so I depend ...

5. Nhibernate how to get rid of proxies and have the concrete when reference is loaded    stackoverflow.com

I have Item with 1:m relation to TreeNode. TreeNode has refernce to parent node ... and has reference to another Objects. TreeNode and his relation are stored in second level cache. My problem: If i ...

6. How to use ToFuture in nhibernate?    stackoverflow.com

Say I have these queries

// Linq 
    var allRecords = session.Query<Table1P>().FetchMany(x => x.Table2).FetchMany(x => x.Table3).FetchMany(x => x.Table4).FetchMany(x => x.Table6).ToList();

// Hql
string hqlQuery = @"from Table1 tbl1

7. Hql + SetFirstResult + SetMaxResult + Lazy Loading    stackoverflow.com

I have this query

  var hql = @"from Table1 tbl1

8. NHibernate - problem with lazy loading    forum.hibernate.org

Hi all. Here are mapping files: Code: