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1. Location of JDBC jar for hibernate on JBOSS

I am using jboss 5.1.0 GA and am connecting to a postgresql DB from my application using hibernate. I am using the default hibernate jars found within jboss. Within my application war ...

2. Hibernate Not Loading Postgresql bytea consistently

I am using Hibernate 3.6 on two different boxes, both reading from exactly the same database table. The Hibernate annotation for two fields is as such:

@Column(name="encryptedkey",length = 256)
protected byte[] encryptedKey;

@Column(name="encryptediv",length = ...

3. Hibernate 3.3.2GA improperly loads bytea data from PostgreSQL 9.0 and all type mappings are correct

You may have a bytea column mapped as Hibernate type binary. In java, the bytea data are appropriately represented as byte[]. When you set the data, it appears in your PostreSQL ...