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1. What does @AttributeOverride mean?

I'm currently coming (back) up to speed with EJB and while I was away it changed drastically (so far for the better). However, I've come across a concept that I am ...

2. How to @AttributeOverride of column names using xml configuration instead of JPA Anotations

I want to override column names in by subclass using xml. i know this can be done using @AttributeOverride JPA Anotations but want to achieve the same using XML Configuration ?

3. @AttributeOverride ignores incorrect overrides, is this JPA or Hibernate standard?

I've noticed that if I've got a table MYENTITY with columns ID_A and ID_B, and an @Embeddable entity:

public class EmbedMe {
    private String ...

4. @AttributeOverride behavior

public class ImprovedPostgreSQLDialect extends PostgreSQLDialect { @Override public String getTypeName(int code, int length, int precision, int scale) throws HibernateException { if (Types.NUMERIC == code && precision == org.hibernate.mapping.Column.DEFAULT_PRECISION && scale == org.hibernate.mapping.Column.DEFAULT_SCALE ) { ...

5. Problem with @AttributeOverride

Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: ... AskForHelp Hibernate version: 3.2.4.GA Hibernate Annotation version: 3.4.0.GA Hi, I am trying to use Embedded Objects/Components in annotation. In the code snippet below, I am trying to save only the name of countries that I have lived in. (Not the other properties of country, like flagColor). public class Address implements Serializable { ...

6. @AttributeOverride doesn't seem to work

@SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List getAllSubclass1() { List list = getSession() .createCriteria(Subclass1.class) .setResultTransformer(Criteria.DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY) .addOrder(Order.asc("name")) .setFetchMode("anassociation", FetchMode.LAZY) .setFetchMode("anotherassociation", FetchMode.LAZY) .list(); return list; }

7. @AttributeOverride help

8. @AttributeOverride annotation ignored