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1. hibernate @GeneratedValue correct?

I set my entity property

Long id;
and I able to generate id for the entity in database. My question is why all the entities are sharing the same incremental number? ...

2. JPA @GeneratedValue on id

In JPA, I am using @GeneratedValue:


@TableGenerator(name = "idGenerator", table = "generator", pkColumnName = "Indecator" , valueColumnName = "value", pkColumnValue = "man")



public class Man implements Serializable {


@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.TABLE, generator = "idGenerator")


private ...

3. @Id @GeneratedValue but set own ID value

I have a table with a generated id, but in some cases I would like to set it on my own. Can I, somehow, force Hibernate to ignore the @GeneratedValue?

4. Hibernate @GeneratedValue annotation setting existing value to new Object (violating primary key constraint)

I have an attribute set like:

private long id;
Howerver, when I call the persist function, the id is set with a value that already exists in my Postgres database. I checked the ...

5. Hibernate @generatedvalue for HSQLDB

I have the following definition for an id field in an entity that is mapped to a table in HSQLDB.

@Column(name = "ID")
private Integer id;
But this does not seem to generate the ...

6. Generate an auto generated value of a field under Java Hibernate (@Id @GeneratedValue(generator="system-uuid"))

in java hibernate id is auto generated:

@Id @GeneratedValue(generator="system-uuid")
@GenericGenerator(name="system-uuid", strategy = "uuid")
@Column(length = 40)
String id;
i want to have another auto generater field in the same table, i try:
    @Column(name ...

7. @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO) not working as thought

I'm trying to persist an object to a database. Keep getting 'Column ID cannot accept null value error'. My object looks like this:

public class TestTable ...

8. Hibernate @Id @GeneratedValue annotation doesn't recognise increment ID generated by DB2 Database

Inserting a second record using Hibernate 3 into DB2 v9.x where a column has a Unique primary key column Id generated by DB2 doesn't work with persisting my Hibernate entity. Inserting the ...

9. Specify length (size) of @Id @GeneratedValue using Hibernate Annotations

Is it possible to specify a starting value and the size of an id that is being auto-generated using Hibernate Annotation @GenerateValue? For example, instead of just starting at "1", ...

10. How to override @GeneratedValue declared in mapped-superclass?

We have a @MappedSuperclass class Entity which defines the default id and the generator:

@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
public K getId() {
    return id;
I want to not use any generator in ...

11. Hibernate: @GeneratedValue doesn't work?

I have entity like below, but can't undestand why when i add new record, generated id is 50, 51, 52... if select nextval('seq_text'); return 1523, 1524... Database: PostgreSQL. Something wrong ?

@SequenceGenerator(name = ...

12. Java/Hibernate: How can I insert a specific value for a column with autoincrement / @GeneratedValue

I have a table with an id column that autoincrements, and a Java object that has a getter annotated with @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO). This works great when saving, however for ...

13. Hibernate @GeneratedValue doesn't generate the Primary key before persisting the entity

I have created a seam applcation with Hibernate(default) a ORM provider. While persisting an entity, it throws following error:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Field 'COUNTRY_ID' doesn't have a default value

14. JPA, MySQL and @GeneratedValue

Hello there. I'm new member at this forum though I've visited and read it many times. I've got a problem. Hope you can help me, please. I'm using MySQL, Spring and jpa(hibernate). Got two classes: Prueba and Inscripcion. Prueba has a Collection of Inscripcion, but in the DB inscripcion has a foreign key (id_prueba) to its prueba. Well, the problem is ...

15. Hibernate @GeneratedValue problem

I am using mysql,hibernate ,spring @Entity @Table(name="login") public class LoginForm extends ActionForm implements Serializable{ @Id @GeneratedValue @Column(name="userid") private String userid; @Column(name="username") private String username; public String getusername(){ return username; } public void setusername(String username){ this.username=username; } public String getUserid() { return userid; } public void setUserid(String userid) { this.userid = userid; } Executing above code doesnot work. Exception listing are type ...

16. JPA/Hibernate: @GeneratedValue doesnt work

org.hibernate.ejb.HibernatePersistence birthday.entities.Person birthday.entities.RemindKind birthday.entities.RemindIssue

17. I am using JPA and I am using @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO) but it does not increment correctly

Sarah kho wrote: > Hi > Thank you for reading my post. > I am using JPA and I am using the follwing notation for my key field. > @Id > @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO) > private Long id; > > problem is that records in the database do not have correctly > sequenced ID values. for exaple the first record is ...

18. Problem with @GeneratedValue

19. @GeneratedValue for non-ID columns possible?

Hey, I am not sure. However I would like to say, that if it is a number then it might be. The only thing I am afraid of is that @generateValue annotation may force the key value to be retrieved, I say this because in mysql the only way you get a recently entered primary key is by using the lastvalue ...

20. Using @GeneratedValue annotation on a non-id column.

Hello, I would like to use a @GeneratedValue annotations on a non-id column, is that possible? The annotation is also used on the id : @Id @GeneratedValue(generator="naid-uuid") @GenericGenerator(name="naid-uuid", strategy="com.netappsid.erp.UUIDGenerator") @Type(type="com.netappsid.datatypes.UUIDUserType") @AccessType(value="field") public Serializable getId() { return id; } This is the field I'd like to auto-increment. @Column(name = "identifier", insertable = false, updatable = false) @Generated(value=GenerationTime.INSERT) @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.IDENTITY) @AccessType(value="field") public Long getIdentifier() ...

21. Automatic increment of Idnbr. @GeneratedValue

22. @GeneratedValue

Hi, I'm using the hbm2hbmxml and then hbm2java from hibernate tools to generate my pojos from a database. Here's the version info: Hibernate tools: 3.2.0 beta6a Database: postgresql 8.1.4-1PGDG JDBC: postgresql 8.1-406 jdbc3 So everything works great except I don't get the @GeneratedValue annotation I expected. On my database, I created sequence generators. But when I ran the ant task, my ...

23. Using @GeneratedValue for getting non-key unique properties

Hello, is there any way to use a @GeneratedValue (@GenericGenerator, UserType...) for automated getting of uniqie values for non-key properties. I need to generate the customer id's with a spezial name conventions: e.g. B0123456. I think, it doesn't make sense to use those bussines identifier as a primary keys. But i didn't find any simple possibility to generate such unique/incremented values ...

24. Using @GeneratedValue for non-key persistent field

I thought @GeneratedValue on a non-primary key means hibernate will do a select after insert to get the field value from database, and it does not mean hibernate will generate a value for it. You should be able to verify this if you see a select the_column from the_table statement after inserts. Farzad-

25. How to assign @GeneratedValue id before save()

You can make use of the generators provided by hibernate. somme of the generators are Increment - which reads the last value from the table, increments by 1 and use that as ID Assigned - which takes the value given by you as the ID native - does follow some strategy and there are many... GUID You need to choose what ...

26. @GeneratedValue for non-@Id fields (EJB3)

Hello all, I have to deal with an existing Oracle schema, which contains the table with 2 different unique keys. One of them is record# and should be generated from the sequence, another one is string entity Id, and I want to use it as a primary id. Is this possible in JPA - to make it generate record # from ...

27. @GeneratedValue auto-increment problem

Using the Java Persistence with Hibernate book "Hello World" example from chapter 2 as a guide, I created an Employee class with an Id field that is annotated as follows: @Id @GeneratedValue @Column(name = "EMPLOYEE_ID") private Long _id; From main, I create an Employee instance and call the method below to insert it to the MySql DB. It is inserted with ...

28. @Generatedvalue and MySQL

@Entity public class Result { @Id //@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO) //@GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.IDENTITY) //@SequenceGenerator(name="seq1", sequenceName="HIB_SEQ") //@GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.SEQUENCE, senerator="seq1") // no sequentions in MySQL - OK //@Column(name = "id", nullable = false) Long id; ... other field, getters, setters ...

29. Override @GeneratedValue at insert

@Entity public class TestEntity { @Id @GeneratedValue private Long Id; private String s; private Integer i; // Constructor and other setter/getter omitted... public void setId(Long Id) { ...