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1. CollectionOfElements with Mapped Superclass

Hi, I'm trying to save a collectionOfElements which is a Map. Is this possible? if so could someone point me in the right direction to try and get something like this done. I've successfully managed to use CollectionOfElements before with Map but it's the MySuperClass which is giving me the trouble, Many thanks, Anthony.

2. Problems with Enums mapped via CollectionOfElements

@Entity @Table(name="PARENT") public class Parent { public enum MyEnum{ ENUM_A, ENUM_B, ENUM_C, ENUM_D; } private long parentId; ...

3. CollectionOfElements mapping problem

Hi, I am very new to Hibernate and JPA. I am using Hibernate 3.3 with Hibernate annotation 3.4, and I tried to use JPA as much as I could unless the features are missing in JPA (such as CollectionId). I have been fighting with the following mapping problem for a while. I think this should be a basic mapping requirement, yet, ...