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1. (How) can I inject data from a mapping file?

We're using Hibernate 2.1.7c with the Spring Framework and are starting to make use of DbUnit in some integration tests. We're planning to ship with Hibernate 3.0, but we're relying on the maven plugin to do our schema-export and there's not a 3.0 version of it yet. Anyway, we've been talking about how to apply the schema and populate it with ...

2. inheritance: 'discriminatorType' injected to a datamember

Hi! Can somebody give us a hint with this topic? I've got two classes, Person, and Student. Student is a subclass of Person. Now, I've got a List of Person, but some of it's elements are students. How am I supposed to cast these objects so that I can access fields and methods declared in Student? Thanks in advance.