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1. Need help with some Hibernate relational mappings    stackoverflow.com

These are the tables I want to map using Hibernate:

user (PK UserId)
article (PK ArticleId, FK CreatorUserId)
category (PK CategoryId, FK ParentCategoryId)
I have been looking at the documentation for Hibernate, but ...

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Is it possible have two classes Template and TemplateItem, mapping to two database tables template and template_item, where they are joined using a Map<String, TemplateItem>? If so can it be done ...

3. How map a bit type in Mysql to hibernate?    stackoverflow.com

i use the reverse engeneering in my class and get this:

@Table(name = "user", catalog = "bytecode", uniqueConstraints =
@UniqueConstraint(columnNames = "email"))
public class User implements java.io.Serializable {

    private Integer id;

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I am new to hibernate framework and am working on a very simple structure. Scenario: I have 2 tables, say A and B. A column in A is foreign key in A and ...

5. mapping jms resource from jpa entity    coderanch.com

I have a jpa entity that has behavior, namely a method to send some message to a JMS queue. Since this entity is running inside a JEE container environment, the JMS specifics are being injected in the entity class itself, like this: @Resource(name="jms/jmsQueue") private Destination notifQueue; @Resource(name="jms/jmsConnectionFactory") private ConnectionFactory connectionFactory; this entity has a method that uses the resources above, which ...

6. saving parent key in a child table from a jsp page    forum.hibernate.org

Hello, Hibernate version: 3.0.1 Mapping documents: Register.hbm.xml Name and version of the database you are using: My SQL 4.1 Register.hbm.xml [code]

7. mapping issue: add formdata into objects via jsp/Struts    forum.hibernate.org

I have an Event object with an EventType: (snipped of Event.java) private Long id; private EventType eventType; private String title; private String intro; And a snipped of the mapping file (Event.hbm.xml): I have 1 JSP/Struts issue How t enter a new event via a webform: <% Event event = new Event(); request.setAttribute("element", event); //retrieve all ...