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1. Trying to print multiple result set .But list returns only object

This my query which i am trying get result from multiple table.

    SQLQuery query = session.createSQLQuery("select as ID,

2. hibernate one to many list mapping error

I have the following hibernate xml mapping file segment.


    <list name="networks" cascade="all">

3. Play! Framework save list of rows from form

I display a list of db table rows which are editable. I would like to allow users to edit the data in the displayed table and save all updates at ...

4. Hibernate merge new List to db

I have a large complex object lets name it's class Root, hibernateAnnotated, and which have several thousands object references. In this object, which is persisted in db and fetched thru hibernate, there ...

5. What's the best way of clearing a list so I can re-add the elements for ColdFusion 9 ORM?

Let's say I have a Store and a Product entity, with a many-to-many relationship between them, and both are persistent CFC's. I want to update an existing Store's products using a list ...

6. How to iterate over a nested list

Hi I have a hibernate query which is giving me a list with type List<List<integer>>. How can I iterate this? My hibernate query is:

String SQL_QUERY = "select DISTINCT cbl.franchiseId,cbl.resellerId from 

7. hibernate can use list?? there are duplicates

Can hibernate really use list? I doubt it. here is an example. GrandParent parent and child, all one-to-many bidirection.(many is the control side) GrandParent has a list of parent and parent has a ...

8. How else to ensure the order of a @ManyToMany List?


public class M {

    private List<E> es = new ArrayList<E>();
    private E newE;

    public M(E newE) {

9. hibernate lists

I'm currently trying to learn hibernate, and its going but I have hit a bit of a road bump here. Lists. Basically, I am currently trying to extend the

10. What cascade-type to use, to save only the list of children of a many-to-many mapping?

Assume entity classes Foo and Bar like:

class Foo {

    @JoinTable(name = "FooBar",
        joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "foo"),

11. JPA CriteriaQuery projection with lists

I'm trying to make a query using a wrapper class as result type. Sorry for the long post but I want to make my question as complete as possible. The root class ...

12. building a criteria query with jpa 2.0 by using a dynamic list

I'm a bit confused while creating a criteriaQuery with JPA 2.0. Prerequisites:
I have a Gui, where the user can mark some checkboxes of (let us say) wheatherstations with some options like temperature/wind/timeperiod/etc... Now ...

13. Updating an object that contains a list in Hibernate

In my GWT application, I pass an Object to the server for persistence with Hibernate. This Object contains a list of another object. Each element in the list contains a Map ...

14. How can I select objects by list size in HQL?

My entity is defined like this:

public class Entity implements Serializeable {
      private List<OtherEntity> otherEntities;

How can I select in HQL all ...

15. How to add a object's field in another Object to display it in jsp

I am getting a UserList by following

List<User> UserList=usersService.findUsers();
than am iterating over this list and based on id getting another object UserActivity, and want UserActivity object's field LastSeen_time.
 Iterator<User> iterator = ...

16. JPQL/HQL - Is it possible to specify the order, by providing a list of IDs?

(Note: I'm using the Play! framework, which uses Hibernate as the JPA implementation.) I have a list of IDs and I want to get the Items from the database by keeping the ...

17. Can't clear a list of related entity beans from an entity bean

I'm trying to run the code below, but I keep getting the error "Cannot merge an entity that has been removed". My DB tables look like this:


My Java code:
Banner b = getEntityManager().find(banner.getId());
List<BannerPeriod> ...

18. Hibernate: Adding a new element to association list does not persist

I have a ManyToMany association between two Entities: COURSE and STUDENT. They are associated through a STUDENT_COURSE_MAP association table.

public class Course implements {

19. Getting a list of objects in Hibernate returns a list of a single object

I am using Hibernate in my Spring Java EE application. I get the list of Users, where User is a bean specified in the applicationContext.xml as follows:


20. Hibernate find by Primary Key In List Direct to L2 Cache

I have an Entity with a simple long primary key. I do a Query like: Select from table where primary_key IN (....); Hibernate seems to want to do a query to get the ...

21. how to create a ConstraintValidator for List

I have a simple validator to validate that a String value is part of a predefined list:

public class CoBoundedStringConstraints implements ConstraintValidator<CoBoundedString, String>

private List<String> m_boundedTo;

public void initialize(CoBoundedString annotation)

22. @ManyToMany annotated list of strings? Is it ever possible?

I have users and each user has several roles. Roles and users are in many-to-many relationship. But the role is just a name. I've got stuck in this phase:

private Collection<String> roles;
There ...

23. How do you inspect a Hibernate list to see if it has been initialized?

In Hibernate, let's say you have a class called department and it contains a list of employees. Is there a way to inspect the list of employees to determine if ...

24. JPA - How to avoid getting an empty list?

I'm creating a sort of a social networking site, like Facebook, as a university project. Users can upload photos, but I'm somehow unable to retrieve the list of photos for a ...

25. (edited) Mapping jpa result list to a different TO

I have below SQL query:

  FROM myTable S WHERE S.cCol LIKE 'abc%') AS ...

26. mapping list from JPA Query.getResultList() to a customized TO

I have a table fruit with four columns id, name, color, shape. entries in the table would be:

1, apple, red, round
2, banana, yellow, long
3, tomato, red, round
4, orange, orange, round
Now I made ...

27. How to persist some contents from a list of entities

I am wondering if there is a "proper" way to achieve the following using EclipseLink. I have a list of objects

List<MyType> newList
and upon startup of my application I want to ...

28. Hibernate Criteria on list of Objects

Using Hiberbate criteria, I want to construct the following sql

select * from table 

29. JPA manytomany keep list order while using @JoinTable

I am using a class to hold a list of persisted objects, and the order of those objects really matter to me. The class looks like this:

public class Class implements Serializable {

private ...

30. Hibernate filternig list of objects by its subclass specific fields

I have one Java superclass - Message - and 3 children classes - Problem, Report, Update. For each of those 4 classes I have a separate controller (lister) which uses Hibernate ...

31. Best Strategy for get results and a counted/filter list

we're developing a jobs-search site and we'd like to present search result like infojobs does, i mean:

|more   |result
|filter |list
|with   |(abstract
|result |of job
|count  |request)
the critical part is ...

32. Dozer can't map Hibernate's persistentBag to List

I'm implementing a rest web service in Java as university assignment so I'm quite new to such things thus probably I'm doing it in the wrong way. Anyway the problem is that ...

33. Is it possible to map logical OR value from database table's column into the list of objects using JPA/Hibernate (preferably JPA)?

Is it possible to map logical OR value from the database table's column into the list of objects using JPA/Hibernate (preferably JPA)? Of course, there is another question - whether it makes ...

34. iterating result in list object returned by hibernate query

I have hibernate query as below:

String mySql = "SELECT S.col1, S.col2, T.col3, T.col4, T.col5 
                FROM ...

35. createCriteria returns wrong list size vs HQL list

in my user table i have two users when trying to select all users with HQL query as follows:

getCurrentSession().createQuery("From User").list();
it returns the two elements, and that's right. but when using createCriteria as follows:
it ...

36. Entity class String[] vs List

I have concern about what type of attribute best for use in Entity class. In my problem I have string attribute to persist. I want to know what is best option to ...

37. JPA Save list of dates

We must save a entity which holds a list of date objects. The list is annotated as follows:

public List<Date> dates {
   return dates;
This works but the dates are mapped ...

38. Hibernate left join fetch - get only an ID list of the first table

I have the following HQL query which works fine, however it returns a list of full FooD objects. I only need the ID of the FooD objects as I need to ...

39. HQL/SQL/Criteria to join-match all records in a given list while selecting all fields

I'm trying to write a HQL/Criteria/Native SQL query that will return all Employees that are assigned to a list of Projects. They must be assigned to all Projects in order to ...

40. Sorting a list of JPQL Entities

I've searched long and hard for an answer, but I haven't had any luck so far. I'm trying to retrieve and sort a list of objects via a JPQL query, but ...

41. get Type parameter of List. JAVA

Possible Duplicate:
Get generic type of java.util.List
i have to know List phones have parameter type Phone.class. My hibernate table:
public class Contractor implements Serializable {


42. Criteria to list of Entityinstance+Extrafield

im pretty sure this question anywhere already has been asked anywhere - didnt found the answer. I got an simple Criteria like this:

gives me an resultlist of entityinstance of Human (gender ...

44. Using Hibernate createSQLQuery.list and passing all rows to Memcached, is causing get(key) to throw exception InvalidClassException

So my scenario is :

  • Read all rows from Hibernate MySQL table
  • Populate memcached with all rows
  • Read from memcached and fall back to mysql db if memcached does not have the record.

public ...

45. Hibernate saveOrUpdate Objects with Lists

I'm wondering how to do saveOrUpdate properly for Objects that contain lists of other objects. The way it now does it for me, is that saveOrUpdate works fine with object itself, ...

46. empty available list of tables when creating Hibernate reverse engineering file (PLEASE HELP ME)

I tried to create the reverse engineering file with the specified wizard but no tables appears in the list box when i choose the hibernate.cfg.xml i created before. This file look like this : jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;user=admin;password=admin;databaseName=database; true org.hibernate.hql.classic.ClassicQueryTranslatorFactory When i created this file i tested the connection with the database and it was ...

48. dataTable var referencing JPQL query list

which is not returning any entities, just scalar values. I get an array that I use as the values from the columns in the dataTable below. Obviously, if the order of the columns returned in the resultList change that will break the dataTable presentation. And also using array indices to refer to scalar values from a query is not understandable or ...

49. inserting a new row into a list hibernate query

HiI have a object A which has one many relationship with object B. A->Student, B->ConcentrationPlannow if I add a new concentration to the list.I do the following in terms of codeselectedStudent.getConcentrationPlan.add(concentrationPlan);studentDao.flush();loadConcentrationPlans();selectedStudent is of type Student.It will get the list of Concentrations for a Student.And adds the new one to the list.After I add the new object to the list, and flush ...

50. Using the iterator to list results from a hibernate join

Hi, I'm new to Struts 2. I have searched the web but can not find anything on my issue. Basically I have a many to 1 relationship between 2 objects, Contact and contactmethod (contact being the 1). Contacts objects contain a person's name and contact method is basically just a name value pair. What I ...

51. Hibernate: Problem getting a simple list

I am trying to get a simple list of departments from an employee table in my database using Hibernate. Appearntly this simple task is fairly difficult since Hibernate is all about populating objects with data. Anyway, here is the query I am using: Query query = session.createSQLQuery("select a.department as {employeez.department} from employee_table a", "employeez", Employee.class); List results = query.list(); the createSQLQuery ...

52. HIBERNATE - Populate Drop Down List Boxes?

As an example, say I deal with "Person" objects. This object may have 10-15 attributes. For conversations sake, I have successfully configured my mapping for this "Person" object. Say I would like to integrate with struts and I would like to create a drop down list box of all the unique names from these "Person" objects. How would this be done? ...

53. HIBERNATE: retrive a List in a jsp

54. Hibernate join returning a list of objects from one table in the join

I've done a couple of projects with hibernate but I can't seem to get this sort of thing to work. I have to classes IncentiveObj and IncentiveOwnerObj I want to return an IncentiveObj for those rows on the IncentiveOwnerObj (related table actually) where the other parts of the where clause are specified that is the first_Name and last_Name match the string's ...

56. hibernate List

57. Deleting a List of Objects with HIbernate

//delete person object public static void deletePerson(Person person) { Transaction tx = null; Session session = null; try { session = HibernateHelper.getSession(); tx = session.beginTransaction(); session.update(person); session.delete(person); tx.commit(); } catch (HibernateException e) { LOG.error("Error deleting object", e); if (tx != null) { tx.rollback(); } throw e; } finally { HibernateHelper.closeSession(); } }

58. should we use Query.list to retrun one row in hibernate?

Hi Thank you for reading my post. I am using hibernate 3.2GA. I have a query which return one object or one row from the database. until now i used Query.list method to return a list and then extract my object from the list. is there some other or maybe better way to return a single object from database or we ...

59. Hibernate hql list filter

I'm trying to filter using an array of objects, because sometimes is many to many or one to many the kind of object that i need to filter. I'm using the flowing code : ...getSession().createQuery("from Person where addresses in ( :L0)"); qry.setParameterList("L0", (Collection)val); val is an arrayList... of Objects "Address" and hibernate create that query: Hibernate: select as id21_, person0_1_.customerId ...

60. how to retreive a sorted list using hibernate

Hi, i'm having trouble mapping two classes from a system. I'm developening a weblog and my tables are something like this: table blog(id, text) table comment(id, text, postdate) table blog_comments(id_blog,id_comment, order_id) I have made already a mapping that goes as follows: ...

61. Hibernate returning List with NULL values

The session is close and lazy loading is set to false. I am now iterating through a list, getting all objects and store it to a new list. To get rid of null values. I just wonder why hibernate is returning a List with size of 10 where the objects are just actually 3. Thanks again!

62. Hibernate 2:Update objects which has List

I try to persist object which has collection List .I have 2 tables .Everything is working fine but problem is that when i update the object then the original values does not delete but instead hibernate set the value of index column and foreign key null.I want that hibernate delete that row.

63. Hibernate list persistance

Hi, I'm building a word processor that has a version control and saves each paragraph to the database. One version is composed by several paragraphs. A new version is created each time Users enters the editor, and each time they save the document it is saved to the same version, until they access the editor again. The problem is that the ...

64. list in HQL

yes. You can. You need to have it like this, select user.userid where user_name in (:list); and later replace it in the Hiberante Session with the actual java.lang.List. If you are using a List of Strings, then it would work. If you are using a user defined Object, then probably you need to override the toString() method to return the appropriate ...

65. Hibernate returns List with NULL

In that case you can initialize the List with a call like myList.size() or something like that. That would usually load the Collection from the database. Or, you can change the class mapping to make it eager loaded. With Annotations, you would write something like this: //This code goes in the Entity class @Entity("myclass") @Table("MY_CLASS") public class MyEntity { ... private ...

66. Help:Passing List of User-defined Objects in the IN clause of HQL

Hi, I have a list that i need to pass is a collection of Objects(User-Defined) What exactly I have to do make this run. This is my code. private List getListOfCompanies( List listOfAnalyst) throws TiNAException { Coverage pojo = null; HibernateConnection hc = null; StringBuilder sqllist = new StringBuilder(); for(PartyRelationship pojoObj : listOfAnalyst) sqllist.append(pojoObj.getId().getRelPartyId() + ","); sqllist.delete(sqllist.length()-1, sqllist.length()); try { hc ...

67. hibernate class A containing a list of B

Hello, I need some help. I'm writing an application to import data in a database from files. In this application I have a class A that contains a set of class B. class A package be.test; import java.util.Set; public class A { private long id; private String name; private Set bset; public A() { } public long getId() { return id; ...

69. getting List values out of hibernate query

hi- my latest project is to add expanded category views in a tree structure for my checkbook program found at it seems that part of this query is mapped to a class but the data from the rest of it is in java.util.List lst = query.list() i cant figure how to get at the data in the lst so i ...

70. Hibernate List question

I am looking for suggestions on what is the best way to implement a hibernate collection. I have a column called" "SeqNBR" which indicates the location of the element in the collection. An element in the collection is allowed to move from its position. My application needs that flexibility. If I use the traditional ArrayList to implement this I could get ...

72. Hibernate_listing database values

I am writing an application using struts and hibernate,tomcat to display the values stored in mysql. my code for listing the values is.. public static void listEmployee(){ SessionFactory session = HibernateUtil.getSessionFactory(); Session sess = session.getCurrentSession(); try{ sess.getTransaction().begin(); StringBuffer QueryString = new StringBuffer(); QueryString.append("from Employee"); Query query = sess.createQuery(QueryString.toString()); ArrayList EmployeeList = new ArrayList(); for (Iterator iter = query.iterate(); iter.hasNext() :wink: { ...

73. JPA trying to pass list to IN part of query

Im trying the following with no luck how would I go about passing a list as a parameter and then using it List list = em.createQuery("select number from Number number where in (:numberList)") .setParameter("numberList", thisIsAList .getResultList(); When I change the "where" portion of the query to "where number" I get a object references an unsaved transient instance - save ...

77. Hibernate - id column of an entity as list-index column in another entity?

Hi, I'm writing a Hibernate mapping file for my class I'm trying to map a List collection that stores OrderItems and I would like to use id column of the OrderItem entity as the list-index column in the Order entity. Order.hbm.xml:

78. List cascade in Hibernate ?

81. Hibernate collection mapping problems - lists, bags and null list-index properties

Hi, I'm pretty new to hibernate and it feels like I'm blagging my way through it. I thought I'd been stumbling in the right direction until I hit my latest problem. I'm trying to build a social networking app - you know users, friend invites, friendships, etc. I've always done my own DAOs and standard JDBC code in the past, but ...

82. Hibernate List of bugs

83. Hibernate: Trouble with a bidirectional list

I've been struggling with a bidirectional list. Got something working, then realized I needed to flip which side controlled the relationship to allow the IndexColumn to be populated. I've tried following the example in the JPwH book but I get a "Repeated column in mapping for entity: column: position (should be mapped with insert="false" update="false")" exception. I don't see where ...

84. Hibernate: persist an object containing a list with more objects

After years of using iBatis I'm giving Hibernate a shot. My problem is that I'm not able to figure out how to persist an object which contains a list of other objects which are containing a back reference. In my small little test-application I have an object called CD and an object called Track. Each CD should contain a list of ...

86. Hibernate:What 'criteria.add(Restrictions' should be added to remove getting the list of'empl_notes'

Hi all, I'm playing with Hibernate and found it to be very easy (and potentially will save me a lot of SQLs) Say I have the followings columns: 1. department 2. Employee 3. Employee_notes Employee has 1 department_ID and 0..MANY notes. When I get a list of departments Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Department.class); List departments = criteria.list(); for(Department department : departments) { ...

88. Get List of object in JPQL

Hi! It's make a moment I read this forum, and now I've a problem I think you can resolve. I've created a JPQL request, that mades some matches between some persons It's something like: "Select o1,o2,o3 FROM ObjectTable as o1, ObjectTable as o2, ObjectTable as o3 WHERE o1.rightreference = o2.leftreference AND o2.rightreference = o3.leftreference AND o3.rightreference = o1.leftreference" I was thinking ...

89. Using Hibernate Criteria with an List within my domain object

I have a domain object Order, which has an List of OrderLine objects withing OrderLine, I have another object called Product which has fields I need to be able to search on. I currently have Hibernate set up to pull all the Product and OrderLine data, when an Order is requested. I like this. However, when using criteria I thought I ...

90. Hibernate 2: how to write a query when the result is not in some list

Hi, I have the following problem. I am writing a query to get items for deletion. The amount of items could be from 100 thousand to a million. So if I do not use "setMaxResults" and retrieve each time limited amount (let's say 100) the call will just be stuck. So I retrieve each time 100. The problem is that there ...

91. Hibernate Return a List of countries from a DB

Hello, I want to return a list of countries from a table. The table is simply called Countries. has one column called "country" This column lists countries How do I write a Hibernate XML file to map this column to java.util.List I cant figure it out A bag will do, I think for a i need an extra column for ...

92. listing hibernate named queries from java

Hi I'd like to write a JUnit test which executes all named queries which I've defined in my application. My named queries are present in a few separate hibernate mapping files (sample below). Is there a way in spring (v2.5.1 am using) perhaps of, from Java, getting a list of all named queries defined in my "hbm.xml" files ? ...

93. What is the index for in hibernate List collection?

In hibernate collection, I like to use list, because it looks have perfect match with Java List. But it requires a index element. I don't really understand why it is a mandatory element? In Java List, it has an index, but you don't need to specify index when you insert an object into the list. ...

94. Hibernate: Why is bag semantic getting applied when I'm not using Lists?

Hi, Using Hibernate I have a model with two OneToMany relationships. Whenever I try and load my session, I'm getting the "org.hibernate.loader.MultipleBagFetchException: cannot simultaneously fetch multiple bags" exception. From what I've read, this should not happen if I'm using Sets, which I am. My model code is below. Any help is appreciated, - Dave package; import; import java.util.Set; ...

96. Issue with String types when hibernate returns list of Object arrays

Hi, I am seeing a wierd issue. My query is retuning the list of obejct arrays; which is fine. However for string type cloumns, it's retuning only the first character. forexample: if the value in the column is 'bhanu', it's just retreving 'b'. During the debug when I watch the retuned list; I see that field as Character Object. I am ...

97. query.list() and query.uniqueResult() in hibernate return null

Hi, I have a sample program in hibernate. The program firsts populates a table called USER that I have created in MySql database. After that it runs a method called "retrieve()" which just a basic select query. The problem is the "create()" method in the code below runs well and creates 4 rows in DB but when the next method "retrieve()" ...

98. List Type Sorting Hibernate

99. jax-ws : return list of JPA entities

Hi, I am developing a simple jax-ws service for an iphone application. I am using EJB 3.0 entities and hibernate as JPA implementation. I'll have a operation getUsers, that should return the list of users with all the attributes of users fetched from DB. If I return something like this : @WebMethod(operationName = "getUsers") public List getUsers(){ // get user list ...

100. Hibernate: not getting the associated List retrieved

Hi An entity X has a list of entity Y and the entity Y has an instance of entity Z. The relation between X to Y is OneToMany and the relation between Y to Z is ManyToOne. I want to retrieve X and have all the associated entities retrieved with them as well. What HQL query do I write so that ...