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1. How to map Memory(HEAP) MySql table in Hibernate xml file?

Just example of xml file will be enough) OR Can Hibernate load needed entity(all records) at the starting of application and store it in memory for quick access?

2. Out of memory with many to many mapping

Hi I recently faced an issue using Hibernate with Tomcat. Initially i had two tables JOB and Jobfeed. Which had one to many relationship. JobFeed had FK JOB_ID from JOB table. So when said give me all the feeds for Job id 8 it wokrd perfectly fine for me. ( It had 120K records) But then I had to restructure the ...

3. Memory problem with parent-child tree structure and cache

Hello Hibernate Users I'm still using Hibernate 2.1.8 but I would appreciate replies telling me if my problem is something Hibernate 3 solves. I have a tree data structure with 1 to many mappings from parents to children where children can also be parents etc. The hbm file is as following: Code: ...