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1. Association Mapping without reference object?

Is it possible to define e.g. a many-to-one reference mapping without declaring a reference object for that property? E.g.: A user has a relation to 1-n addresses. I want to map these entities together so that hibernate creates a foreign key relation. But I don't want to reference a user-Object within an address Object. Sure, I can use lazy loading, but ...

2. Association mapping with 3 or more tables. [How to?]

Most Hibernate examples are in terms of 2 tables. However, we already have an existing (read legacy) database. Most of the associations are between atleast 3 tables. As a result the join table/association table consists of 3 FKs from each of the 3 tables, in addition to the association's properties. Moreover, the application is always interested in dealing with the AssocationTable ...

3. Inheritance and one-to-one association mapping

4. Hibernate association and child collection not pre-filtered.

Hello, I tried using DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY. However, there are still multiple child/Kitten objects that do not match the criteria restriction. Does DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY only filter out duplicate root/parent/Cat objects? List cats = sess.createCriteria(Cat.class) .createCriteria("kittens", "kt") .add( Restrictions.eq("name", "F%") ) .setResultTransformer(Criteria.DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY) .list(); Any thought on what I may be doing wrong? Thank you for your response. hibusr11

5. Mapping an "Association class" or "role"

Hi, I want to model an "association-class" or to be more precise the "role" of an object in an association : I've got a "group" class and a "person" class already. A group has a direct reference to the 'supervisor' person but i want to model the fact that a group has a set of persons, said 'vips' linked via a ...

6. Association table mapping

7. Use Criteria for tables joined without mapped association

Hi, I have the following mapping: Code: Occurrence class: ------------------------------- ...

8. HIbernate Association Mapping question

Hello There I have two tables like this table 1 PK attr1 attr2 PKField_1 - From table 2 it is one-to-many relationship to table 2 table 2 PKField_1 PKField_2 Attr1 Attr2 PKField_1 and PKField_2 are composite PK field. I am trying to mapping table 2 in table 1 like

9. Association mapping - 1 class to 3 tables.