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1. Dozer mapping for Hibernate object to DTO

I try to use Dozer to convert my domain entity to DTO objects. So, I want to convert PersistentList, PersistentBag, ... from my domain entity to ArrayList, ... in my DTO objects ...

2. Dozer: Hibernate PersistentMap is not mapped to java.util.HashMap

I have a Hibernate annotated entity with a field:

@OneToMany(mappedBy="templateInstance", fetch = FetchType.EAGER) 
@MapKey(name = "attributeName") 
private Map<String, Component> components; 
Hibernate makes a PersistentMap out of this. Then I want Dozer ...

3. DTO mapping and updating to a Database with Java, Dozer and Hibernate

I'm using Dozer to map Hibernate entities to their DTOs. A simplified example class is the following:

public class Role {