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1. @ManyToMany: REVTYPE is only ADD    stackoverflow.com

i have the two classes Person and Attribut, in short:

public class Person {

  private int id;
  private List<Attribute> attributes;

  public ...

2. Envers 3.6.1 -ValidityAuditStrategy fails on @ManyToMany Set    forum.hibernate.org

Hello Hibernate Forum, I have encountered a strange bug in Envers 3.6.1 that throws an error after adding and removing and readding an entity to a set. At least I think it's a bug. Please correct me if I made anything wrong in my configuration (or in any other way). The situation is as follows: There are two Entities, like the ...

3. envers DuplicateMappingException @ManyToMany    forum.hibernate.org

Hi Folks, I found this very interesting envers project yesterday and stared testing with my current project. After I configured hibernate and added the annotation @Audited to my classes I startet the application and got this DuplicateMappingException on every @ManyToMany attribute that is refereced from both sides of the relation (The N and the M part). Does anybody know if this ...