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How can I use constrained attribute in hibernate annotation onetoone mapping. I mean what is the equivalent attribute of constrained to use in annotations?

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Version: Hibernate 3.3 Hi, I have 2 simple models:

class Parent {
  Long id; //auto generated sequence and primary key
  String name;
  Set<Child> children;

class Child {
  Long id;

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I have run into a problem with implementing the equals() method in Hibernate. I have a table SHORTCODES_ASSIGNMENTS_TO_HOTELS that has 3 columns: COUNTRY_ID SHORT_CODE HOTEL_ID and means that for such and such country and such and ...

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Actually the Question is in the title. The entities will be map Comments for different objects in system(Blog nodes, comments, etc.) so I want to be able work with this column(read it's ...

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Hmm... I don't think sentence "Hibernate uses the id attribute to check equality" is correct at all. for example, if Hibernate uses object id to lookup it in the cache could you say it was "an equality check"? I doubt. When you put an object in Set for example, object's equals() method is used to check for equality. And Hibernate's Set ...

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Hi, im using Hibernate version: 3 I have a question regarding mapping. For example say that i have 4 tables called A,B,C,D All theese tables are exactly the same except for the PK name wich is A_id, B_id etc. This setup is needed cause the tables get so big that i get performance problems. What i want to do is to ...

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These mappings are equivalent ? Code:

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