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I have started using the s#arp architecture which uses FNhibernate and GeneratedBy.HiLo to generate primary keys (there is also table hibernate_unique_key). Apparently, this is recommended practise and I would like ...

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Hi all, I'm looking for a really portable, scalable ID generator for my Hibernate based project. Hilo would be perfect (it runs on any database system) if I could use it in the application server (e.g. JBoss). Is it impossible to make hilo JTA conform? It may sound stupid but why doesn't hilo run in a completely separate transaction, independently from ...

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Newbie Joined: Thu Nov 27, 2003 6:53 pm Posts: 2 Location: Vancouver Canada hibernate version: 2.0.3 oracle8i oc4j 9.0.3 standalone the mapping file: ******************************************** hibernate_unique_key next_hi ...

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... first I forgot to mention that I used the TableHiLoGenerator instead of the 'new HiLoGenerator' because there is no HiLoGenerator in the Hibernate framework. The problem was that I did not initialize the TableHiLoGenerator with the table parameters. At least I did not initialize the TableHiLoGenerator at all. Therefore I had to implement the Configurable Interface. The problem with this ...

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Senior Joined: Wed Dec 17, 2003 4:24 am Posts: 188 2.1.6 ...

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Hey, I am using the hilo generator. When I ask the service layer to add an item the hilo counter gets incremented, however there is no new record. I guess I'm thrown by the fact that there is no exception. I was getting good at resolving those :) Thanks for any pointers, Amir Hibernate version: 2 Mapping documents: Submission.hbm.xml: Code:

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Hello friends - I'm curious as to how the hilo function is generating numbers. I have a hibernate_unique_key table with the column, workorder_history_id column. That column is populated with a value. However, the value it has never seems to increment, and is tens of thousands behind the actual key value being pushed in when I create new records into the table ...

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