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1. JPA Native Query for Entity with Inheritance

I have an entity class and a subclass based on that entity:

@Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.TABLE_PER_CLASS)
public class A
public class B extends A
I need to issue a native query that uses a stored procedure ...

2. Hibernate: Mapping result set of native query with @SqlResultSetMapping

I'm trying the following: :


import javax.persistence.Column;
import javax.persistence.Entity;
import javax.persistence.EntityResult;
import javax.persistence.SqlResultSetMapping;

@SqlResultSetMapping(name = "myResults", entities = {@EntityResult(entityClass = MyResult.class)})
public class MyResult implements Serializable


3. Map a NativeQuery into an entity

I'm having trouble trying to map a native SQL query using JPA, and Hibernate as a provider. This is the code for the entity that I'm using for this purpose:

package com.prueba.entities;

import ...

4. Map an entity to an Native SQL Query

Is this possible to map a SQL Native query (instead of a table) with an Entity without annotations (using XML configuration)?? I know that i can make a View in the database ...

5. JPA 2.0 native query results as map

I run a JPA 2.0 native query like this:

Query query = em.createNativeQuery("SELECT NAME, SURNAME, AGE FROM PERSON");
List list = query.getResultList();
now list has all the rows returned by the query. I can ...

6. Mapping Exception: Unable to read XML when externalizing a named native query in JPA 2.0

I have some long queries (text wise) that I am trying to externalize into an orm.xml file for readability and maintainability purposes but I keep getting a mapping exception: Unable to ...

7. Native query column name to result mapping.

8. native sql named query in mapping file

I created an entity mapping for a helper class we use to improve performance. The entity is not mapped to a table. It's more like a DTO we return from native SQL queries. The entity mapping is shown below. What I'm curious about are the rules with respect to using this mapping from a named sql query. In the first query ...

10. mapping native sql results to non entity class

OK, I'm really lazy like you. I did get the setResultTransformer to work, but I still have one issue with it. This is the code that I'm using Code: String query = "select tbl1.my_flag1 as myFlag1, " + " tbl1.my_flag2 as myFlag2" ...

11. mapping native query with joins to class (JPA)

Hello: I have a basic question. What is the simplest way to take a native sql query that has various joins and map the result columns to a flat Java entity class using JPA annotations? The output will not need to be managed, just bound to a UI for display. Any examples I can look at? Thanks, Matt

12. native query and mapping

@SqlResultSetMapping( name="testCityNameAndPopulationMapping", entities={ @EntityResult( entityClass=TestCity.class, ...

13. JPA native query mapping of CHAR(3) truncates to 1 char

Query q = em.createNativeQuery("select Currency, Amount from Item where ..... "); for (Object[] i : (List < Object [] > ) q.getResultList()) { // i[0] ...

14. Is defining native SQL in mapping file better?

15. native sql ... any way without mapped class

I'm afraid I do not have your solution, I'm simply a new hibernate user possiby in the same situation as you. I'm not sure if native SQL or some other feature of hibernate might resolve my issue; I'm curious if my issue equates to yours? I have mapped a class to a table, for example's sake let's call it Vehicle. A ...

16. mapping native database arrays to hibernate...

Hibernate version: hibernate-3.01 Name and version of the database you are using: PostgreSQL 8.0.3 how can i map a table column that contains an array of for example floats into a variable of the type float[] in a java class? so for example i have this test table: \d testlist Table "public.testlist" Column | Type | Modifiers --------+---------+-------------------------------------------------------------- testje | integer ...

17. Native SQL with

Author Message lcecchini Post subject: Native SQL with Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 4:37 pm Newbie Joined: Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:33 pm Posts: 1 How can I map an id using native sql when I have a class with composite key? Hibernate version: 3.0.5 Mapping documents: cheque.hbm.xml Code:

19. can you use both hibernate mappings and native sql in the pr

how do make many to many relationship between three tables and a link table in hibernate select, rf.category, from ref_data rf, app ap, roles r where and and'Manager' and rf.system='Task' order by i tried a manny to many from my role table to my other two but the mappings dont work

20. Native SQL Query and Inheritance mapping fails

Hi, We have three class Interested Party, BusinessEntity and Employer. Interested Party is the base class. BusinessEntity extends Interested Party and third POJO Employer extends BusinessEntity. Now when we map these classes in hibernate we have to use joined subclass so that we can implement inheritance mapping. We have a requirement due to which we need to use native SQL Queries ...

21. Native SQL join problem - joining child node

23. JPA scalar native query result mapping

25. Native query with child object

26. Native SQL query mapped to a collection

Hi, Is it possible to map a native sql query to a collection set in hibernate (i am using hibernate3) ?? What i mean is ---- I have a User object mapped to a user table. I want to have a collection of users in the user object which should be populated by a native sql query, whenever i fetch the ...