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1. NHibernate Mapping intermediary table    stackoverflow.com

Hi I'm looking for some help in mapping the following tables to a hibernate mapping file: schema image I'm trying to fill the localCalandarGroups List with related localCalendarGroups when loading ...

2. Is there a way to map a one-to-one with a where clause?    stackoverflow.com

Please excuse my ignorance on the topic, as I am relatively new to Hibernate / NHibernate, but I have encountered a mapping I can't figure out: This is what my database table ...

3. Hibernate/NHibernate mapping file editor    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for an editor that has the help from http://www.hibernate.org/hib_docs/nhibernate/html/mapping.html built in, and allows simple editing of the XML files in a GUI fashion. I realise there's CodeSmith and ...

4. Why can't I create child objects in Hibernate/NHibernate - tricky mapping problem    stackoverflow.com

I think I have tried every thing to get this to work but to no avail. Any hints/help much appreciated. The following parent-children relationship causes the following error on creation of the parent. could ...

5. Hibernate Next/Previous Sibling Mapping    stackoverflow.com

I'm using nHibernate to map an object very similar to .NET's System.Web.SiteMapNode. In order to keep my object similar to this .NET object I would like to have it contain ...

6. Mapping Siblings in NHibernate    stackoverflow.com

I've been trying to build a SiteMapNode styled object with NHibernate mappings. The goal is to mimic the ASP.NET SiteMapNode object so that a custom provider can be built using ...

7. NHibernate Single Table Inheritance    stackoverflow.com

I'm having trouble setting up a role based structure using inheritance and NHibernate. Basically I would like to have an abstract class called ObjectInRole. This class (and corresponding database table) contains ...

8. Hibernate key mapping problem    stackoverflow.com

I'm using NHibernate. I have two tables: Owner which has

<id name="SpecificNumber" column="SpecificNumber" type="int">
   <generator class="assigned"/>
<set name="SubTable" table="SubTable">
    <key column="Owner_id"/>
    <one-to-many class="SubTable"/>
and a table SubTable which has
<many-to-one ...

9. Can you explain inheritance in Nhibernate to me?    stackoverflow.com

Im having a hard time understanding how inheritance works with NHibernate, with regards to mapping with .hbm.xml files.

10. NHibernate query for object with child collection property    stackoverflow.com

I need help with an nhibernate query. I would prefer to use Criteria API if possible, otherwise HQL is ok. I have an Employee object with an Account object property, the Account ...

11. Nhibernate: one-to-many, based on multiple keys?    stackoverflow.com

Lets assume I have two tables

Table tA
Table tB
I am looking ...

12. Hibernate mappings: Splitting up the file    stackoverflow.com

Alright, I've got a quick question. I'm currently working with a legacy database, so I can't change around much. The database revolves around a single type, the entity. All other relevant ...

13. Is there a way to define reusable properties to n-hibernate mappings?    stackoverflow.com

I have a scenario that i want to add some standard properties to my entities. Meaning that i will have e.g. 1 int and 2 string properties applied to all relevant ...

14. Mapping many-to-many without a join table in Hibernate/NHibernate    stackoverflow.com

I have two tables:


In my CalendarEntry class, I have a property like this
public ISet<Holiday> Holidays { ... }
which ...

15. Need help w/ NFLuent Hibernate mappings    stackoverflow.com

I've searched around for a solution as best I can, but it seems I'm at a loss somewhere. This is my first dive into Fluent NHibernate & NHibernate. The short version (which ...

16. Hibernate many-to-many with map collection    stackoverflow.com

I have two tables "Station" and "Route". Route can contain many stations and every station can be a part of the different routes. The logical solution is to create a table ...

17. setfirstresult & setmaxresult in child collection    stackoverflow.com

I have and entity lets call it Entity, and a Child collection Children. I have a screen where the user has the Entity information, and a list with the Children collection, ...

18. Problem with NHibernate    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to get a list of Products that share the Category. NHibernate returns no product which is wrong. Here is my Criteria API method :

public IList<Product> GetProductForCategory(string name)

19. common problem with Hibernate/NHibernate and child IDs    stackoverflow.com

I'm asking both Hibernate and NHibernate groups because I'm thinking this may be a common issue seen on both. What does it usually mean when you call a saveOrUpdate on a child ...

20. HQL over ternary map with subcollection    stackoverflow.com

I'm stuck with a query I need to write. Given the following model:

public class A : Entity<Guid>
    public virtual IDictionary<B, C> C { get; set; }

public class B : ...

21. how to map in hibernate    stackoverflow.com

I am new to hibernate. I am facing problem at the time of mapping in my table no primary key is there . but two not null values are there how i can ...

22. Error in my hibernate request    stackoverflow.com

hello i have an error when i execute a request with hibernate

ERROR ast.ErrorCounter (ErrorCounter.java:33) - line 1:22: expecting IDENT, found '*'
my dao:
public List rechercheValeurTarifs() throws Exception {

23. NHibernate CreateCriteria query problem    stackoverflow.com

I hope someone can help with this please.
I am trying to query an OLAP Fact table with NHibernate, but am struggling to get it to work. Its seems a simple ...

24. How to map a read only property backed by a query in Hibernate    stackoverflow.com

I'm wondering how to best implement a property (here, LatestRequest) which is read-only, backed by a query. Here, I have an Export, which can be requested to happen multiple times. I'd like ...

25. hibernate mapping problem    stackoverflow.com

i have an object named party and three other objects inherit from this object, using hibernate az orm i have a problem with casting the party to ine of these objects. ...

26. return objects that are not in the mapping file from nhibernate hql    stackoverflow.com

the title says pretty much what I'm trying to do. I have nhibernate hql with select case

select application.SubmissionDate, count(candidates)
from Application as application group by application.SubmissionDate
I would like to have the ...

27. check if NHibernate entity is contained in multiple entities    stackoverflow.com

I would like to ensure that an entity is contained in at most one single entity. Is it possible to check this from the mapping files? In SQL land, I want ...

28. How to match all children using hql    stackoverflow.com

What is the best/preferred way to select a (distinct) list of parent entities that has a child collection containing matches for ALL entries in a parameter list of children? I'm performing the ...

29. Convert type of entity to subtype with NHibernate/Hibernate    stackoverflow.com

Would you please help me to find out better solution for the following issue... There is an hierarchy at my domain model:

class Document { 
  Int Id; 
  String Title; ...

30. Why do I need to call ISession.Flush after ISession.Delete    stackoverflow.com

Why does NHibernate require me to flush the session after I delete? It doesn't do need a flush after updating or saving.

31. Question about Hibernate Mapping (One-TO-Many)    stackoverflow.com

while in my path to learn Hibernate i am struck at a point so need you suggestion. I have Three class A,B,C and there parent Class. These Three class are only represnting three ...

32. Why is NHibernate ignoring FetchMode.Join?    stackoverflow.com

I have an entity called Member. A Member can follow many other Members (according to the domain), thus pertaining a many-to-many relationship. I've created a relationship table (member_follows) in my database. ...

33. NHibernate one-way mapping from two stored procedures    stackoverflow.com

I've been breaking my head over this the entire day. Basically, I almost got it working, but do not know the right way to get it to do what I want. I ...

34. How to map 2 identical tables (same properties) to 1 entity    stackoverflow.com

Please help me on this problem. I have 2 identical tables, one is timetable and another is timetable_bk. the 2 tables have similar properties or fields. Now I want to map 2 ...

35. hibernate could not initialize class    stackoverflow.com

i m writing a pojo class using hibernate annotations to connect to sql server.... but when i m tring to login in my app.. its gives an exception as .....

**SEVERE: Servlet.service() for ...

36. How to set the property as lazyloading in fluent-hibernate with auto-mapping?    stackoverflow.com

I am using auto-mapping with flent-hibernate for mapping. I would like if there is a way to set the reference property to be as 'lazy-loading' using IConvention or similar, rather than ...

37. NHibernate map a property to a column in another table    stackoverflow.com

I'm brand new to NHibernate - it worked great until I tried to apply it to one of the more common constructs we use in the Oracle 10g database at work. I ...

38. delete child and parent in hibernate    stackoverflow.com

I have a parent with two childs. Parent has an association with another object. When I want to delete parent that it uses I have an error. My problem is hibernate ...

39. Hibernate mapping issue with Criteria    stackoverflow.com

When I execute the following code:

String sqlQuery = "SELECT {msg.*},  {cmd.*} " +
    "FROM schemaName.Messages AS msg " +
    "LEFT OUTER JOIN schemaName.send_commands AS ...

40. nHibernate count on unmapped entity    stackoverflow.com

Using nHibernate 2. In our system we have a table that stores records which may point to any of the other tables in the system, as well as some additional fields. e.g.

class ...

41. nHibernate HQL - entity is not mapped    stackoverflow.com

I have my nHibernate setup and working correctly with QueryOver for most queries, however, whenever I try to do a HQL CreateQuery I get the exception that the entity isn't mapped. ...

42. NHibernate not updating child entity    stackoverflow.com

I am facing a problem when trying to update a child item in Parent class

public class Parent
        public virtual int ...

43. Nhibernate Error Deleting a child    stackoverflow.com

We recently updated to nhibernate 3.0 and now receiving this error, any suggestions, thanks!

 Collection<Problem> problems = Data.Problems.GetProblems(equipment.ID);
        foreach (var problem in problems)

44. Please help me bring this simple fluent nhibernate mapping to life    stackoverflow.com

Well it all seems so simple and yet I can't find the answer to my problem. Let's say I have 2 tables TableA and TableB that can hold a single reference to ...

45. How do you map a base class using ColdFusion ORM?    stackoverflow.com

I have two components, a base Entity component:

<cfcomponent persistent="true">
    <cfproperty name="Id" fieldtype="id" generator="native">
And a Client component that extends it:
<cfcomponent persistent="true" extends="Entity">
    <cfproperty name="FirstName">

46. Issues in mapping master/details scenario via NHiberate, FluentNHibernate    stackoverflow.com

I want to implement the following requirement: Edit What I need is. There can be one master location and detail locations (one-many). Each location can multiple cars. The master location has its own ...

47. Fluent NHibernate Mapping issues    stackoverflow.com

I have the following classes and tables, I want to find out how to map it in Fluent Nhibernate:

class File

48. How to query many to many relationship in NHibernate?    stackoverflow.com

I am very new to NHibernate, and I would like to start development using this great technology. Below is my table relation ship: Table schemas


49. NHibertate query by mapped Dictionary    stackoverflow.com

Could you help me with nhibernate query. There is next object with mapping:

public ObjectkState
public long Id {get;set;}
public IDictionary<string,string> Context {get;set;}
public string Name {get; set;}
Object mapping
public ObjectStateMap(): ClassMappublic ObjectStateMap()
 Id(x => x.Id).GeneratedBy.Identity();
 Map(x ...

50. NHibernate error in mapping column.    forum.hibernate.org

My hbm.xml file is as follows:

51. 'urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.0:hibernate-mapping'.    forum.hibernate.org