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1. Hibernate Mappings for struts2

I am trying to build a login page using hibernate and struts2. My design is as follows. Each login user has a role. Many users can have the same role.
So my ...

2. hope some one can check my application for the hibernate mapping realated problem

I am building a web application. There are some models:

Where user can add tasks belong to his department,a task is made up by some tasksteps.The taskSteps are executed by some operators. The admin ...

3. how to map action with wildcards in struts2


 public class CustomerAction  extends  ActionSupport implements ModelDriven{

      Customer customer = new Customer(); 
 List <Customer> customerList=new ArrayList<Customer>();

public Object getModel() {

4. Hibernate is giving Session is closed exception

I am using Hibenate along with Struts 1.3 I am getting an error "org.hibernate.SessionException: Session is closed". Here is the HibernateUtil:

private static Logger log = Logger.getLogger(HibernateUtil.class);

private static Configuration configuration;
private static SessionFactory sessionFactory;
private ...

5. Hibernate with Struts Mapping Exception

Hi I am try to using hibernate with struts I have made hibernate.cfg.xml. In that file I am using tag Which is like It's corrosponging Struts-config entry is When server start it call Hibernateplugin class and in hibernate.cfg.xml file I called Department.hbm.xml file which is not fould by server and its giving ...

6. Struts/JSTL iterate tag with mapped property

I'm running into a problem iterating through maps because the in net.sf.hibernate.collection.Map returns a MapEntryProxy instead of my object. Therefore, JSPs written to access my objects instead of a MapEntryProxy don't work too well. :) What's the best way around this problem ? Is my only solution to encapsulate the iteration or ... ?! thanks!