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1. Hibernate problems with Auto Increment ID MYSQL 5

So, I just stood up a Spring Hibernate app and I can't seem to get my mapping file right. I am using MySql 5 and an auto incrementing key. Here is ...

2. JPA ids auto_increment generation

Am using JPA into my application and then the when insert different objects the database use sequential ids. For Example: If i have table member and table user , when inserting object of ...

3. Generate ID's above a certain value

In my JPA+Hibernate+MySQL app I have an entity like so:

public class Room {

    private long id;

    // ...

4. Auto-Increment Column with MySQL is not working..

Hi, I want to insert record into table by increasing its ID. The problem that I am facing is when I try to insert the second record, Hibernate will overwrite the existing record in the table. So below is my mapping xml class. Course.hbm.xml Code:

5. auto increment column(AUTO_INCREMENT) of Mysql

7. Reset Auto Increment in MySql

Hello, I have a requirement to reset the auto-increment id field of a table in my database on a certain condition. Right now I am doing it using SQLQuery. Is there a way to do this with HSQL. I want to avoid using SQL because I have already run into SQL issues while migrating from HSQLDB to MySql.