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1. Record store in MySQL database with Hibernate

I'm now working on a project and wants to save Dummies-Daten/Werte in simple database with Hibernate and then read again. So I have few experience with Hibernate. How can I do that? Thanks ...

2. Hibernate/Mysql - previous record(s) not being persisted.

I am using MySQL with Hibernate, a small application, inserting record into table Person, which was created as : CREATE TABLE `person` ( `PERSON_ID` bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `PERSON_NAME` varchar(100) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`PERSON_ID`) ) AUTO_INCREMENT=3 Person.hbm.xml This class contains student details.

3. Record store in MySQL database with Hibernate

4. Missing records in MySQL 5

Hi all Apologize for asking a generic problem. I've just got strange error using Hibernate 3.0 on Resin 3.0.14 Professional with MySQL 5.0. I've had a Transaction that insert into multiple tables lets say, insert into table a consists of multiple rows based on value on the first insert insert into table b consists of multiple rows insert into table c ...