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The troubles cause ZK framework together with Hibernate you might run into some issues where Hibernate behaves a little funky while the application runs. ZKs multi-threaded event model. Whenever an event gets fired, a new event thread is created. This will lead to multiple instances of the Hibernate session class (one per thread) and thus lead to unpredictable behavior.

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Hi folks, I am a newbie with the zk landscape and now I got massive problems. I want to connect MySQL with the ZK Components using Hibernate. Here is what I did until now 1) Setup the connection pooling/editing web.xml and the context.xml (that works fine) 2) Import the required hibernate *.jar files into my src root 3) Setup the hibernate.cfg.xml ...

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Hi!!I have a problem, I'm working with Hibernate, ZK and MySQL for the first time and i'm a little loss.I already create my source code Cargo.java, hibernate.cfg.xml, Cargo.hbm.xml and my Cargo.zul to make a simple test, but when run the .zul file i can't see my grid, just 4 images that looks like buttons, what am i doing wrong?Here is my ...