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1. MySql Empty Character Column causes exception

Sorry for the long post, I have a couple of questions that need some background. I have several columns in a MySql table that are defined as char(1). Some rows in this column contain an empty value. It is not null, but empty. When reading this in using Hibernate, it throws an exception: Code: 55379 [main] INFO org.hibernate.type.CharacterType - could not ...

2. MySQL, column names and the ` character

I noticed that the org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLInnoDBDialect doesn't wrap column and table names in the mysql ` characters. This causes problems when you want to use names that are also part of the language (I discovered this having a table with "key" and "value" columns). Is there a way to tell Hibernate to use this wrapping or it is not possible at all? ...

3. Hibernate, Greek characters and MySQL 5.0

4. character can be empty in mysql