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1. Is it possible for a Grails Domain to have no 'id'?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to create a table that has no 'id'? For example, this is my domain:

class SnbrActVector {

    int nid
    String term

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I have a simples question. I have been trying to learn Grails by my own, and i managed to do a simple application using Grails/Gorm. 1 ) Later, i decided to use ...

3. GORM tablePerHierarchy false, foreign key    stackoverflow.com

I have in my models:

class ContestParticipant{
    static mapping = {
        id generator: "uuid"
        tablePerHierarchy ...

4. Grails - Can you avoid having Gorm/Hibernate establish Foreign Keys    stackoverflow.com

Is there an option you can set somewhere in the configuration of Grails to avoid having it setup Foreign Keys? I'm using MySQL if that matters.