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1. problem persisting xml in Mysql using hibernate    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to persist a string object in Mysql(5.0.67) using hibernate. My entity is as follows:

@Table(name = "info", schema = "DB")
public class info {
@Column(name = "InfoXml")
private String InfoXml;
The problem is when ...

4. How to use mysql xml functions in Hibernate    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, I am using mysql 5.x for my development.I wanted to have the attribute list(key-value pair) for one of table column(E.g Table Name: Subscriber Column Name: META_DATA) So i decided to use the varchar(500) as a data type and store the data in xml format(e.g Department10).But in the middleware i am using hibernate to access my database. So will hibernate have ...