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1. Hibernate bug using Oracle?    stackoverflow.com

I've got the problem, that I use a property in the persistence.xml which forces Hibernate to look only for tables in the given schema.

<property name="hibernate.default_schema" value="FOO"/>
Because we are using now 4 ...

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I use Hibernate 3.5.3, and Oracle 10g database I have bean with following relation

private Map<Integer, ...

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I'm using Hibernate 3.1.1 with Oracle 10g (JDBC driver version: and am experiencing an intermittent problem when inserting CLOBs (strange ORA-01483 errors). The problem appears to be a bug in Oracle's JDBC driver as documented with this TAR: 4499166.992 (I'd include a link, but the metalink site requires a login to access). While this bug appears to be fixed, or ...

4. verify major hibernate/oracle bug: (works w/postgres)    forum.hibernate.org

JIRA said post here before posting a bug. I have the following test case which is very simple.... Code: EntityManagerFactory sf = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory( "xcoreNonJta", props); //put a breakpoint here and //pull the internet connection after hitting the breakpoint //then continue the test!!! postgres passes, oracle fails!! EntityManager mgr = sf.createEntityManager(); mgr.getTransaction().begin(); //since we do nothing, ...