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1. How get Oracle database charset through Hibernate?

Hi. My problem is: User enter data into text field on JSF page. I need save data to database in certain encoding. So I need to know : 1. database character encoding 2. how to convert text from one encoding to another. Am I right when intend to use java.nio.charset package? Or You can suppose another way to handle character encoding? ...

2. Oracle and charset

Hi all, I have an Oracle9i database with the NLS_CHARACTERSET='WE8ISO8859P15'. When I load data from it with Hibernate it gets some characters like '' wrong. I've configured the connection.charset with no success. I've tryied values as 'iso-8859-1', 'iso8859-1', 'latin1', 'utf8', etc. Has someone configured successfully a configuration like this? Thank you in advance.