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1. hibernate's size function produces sql that fails in oracle 11g    stackoverflow.com

When hibernate parses out this hql:

UPDATE VERSIONED Person SET groupsCount = followingGroup.size WHERE id = :id
it generates this sql:
  SET version  =version+1,
  (SELECT COUNT(followingg1_.followerId)

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Hello friends, I am working on web development project. In which we are using Spring and Hibernate. and we use Oracle as Database. My problem is like this. I am ready with queries which run in oracle without any problem. I want to convert them in HQL.But i think there many things which do not support in HQL (I think). For ...

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Hi guys, I have a query with oracle 10g: select "+(distinct?"distinct ":"")+ " a " +" from TABLE (SYS.ODCINUMBERLIST( 86, 103, 35, 73, 78, 116, 45, 84, 97, 121, 89, 28, 93, 69, 161, 63, 21, 2, 81, 1, 109, 67, 80, 119, 88, 51, 77, 65, 53, 58, 87, 29, 113, 27, 104, 55, 3, 22, 46, 48, 71, 59, ...

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Hibernate version: 2.1.2 Oracle 9i release 2 I have to rewrite a large (100s) number of HQL queries in a project. These all use a number of possible query values. eg: from dataStore as db1, datastore2 as db2 where db.label = 'some string' and db.label2 = 'some string as well' and (db.id = anID or db.id = anotherID or db.id = ...

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Hi, I need to do a query with Outer Join. This is my query: select U.id_usuario, U.dc_login, U.dc_clave, R.id_proyecto from usuarios U, responsables R where U.id_usuario = R.id_usuario (+) and (id_proyecto (+)= 2 ) With Outer Join HQL I can't put the criteria (id_proyecto (+)= 2 ) How can I do this? I try to do with Union of select but ...

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7. Using custom functions (Oracle) in HQL    forum.hibernate.org

We'd like to do something but I'm not sure this is the best way or Hibernate can already do this at all. In short: We have a database column which contains a value that can be used as a pattern to check against an input string. We'd like to search the database and the tricky thing is that the user doesn't ...