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1. Hibernate and Oracle VARRAYS/NESTED TABLE

Oracle supports the use of VARRAYS and NESTED TABLE data types, allowing multivalued attributes. ( I am currently using Hibernate 3 as my ORM framework, but I can't see how ...

2. Hibernate vs. Oracle nested table

I'm trying to map quite a big and complex database featuring aforementioned Oracle nested tables. I cannot find any decent example on how to map a column that contains the nested table. I have no idea how to deal with that problem except for dropping the idea of nested tables, which I can't. Any help will be appreciated.

3. Oracle 10g Nested Tables

I am trying to map Oracle nested tables within Hibernate. Instead of using an intermediate relationship table, I am using nested tables in order to keep a more OR model. However, at this point, I am using Jakarta Commons Digester in order to map my result set (in XML) into an bean graph. I would like to go straight from a ...

4. Oracle nested tables