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1. How to call a Oracle function from hibernate with return parameter?

My question is very much like I have a function which does some modifications internally and it returns a value. The original idea was to do something like this:

protected Integer checkXXX(Long ...

2. How do i access an out parameter in a pl/sql proc via hibernate

I have a pl/sql procedure with the following signature

PROCEDURE pr_log_process_started (
p_process_id IN log_process_status.process_id%TYPE, 
p_run_id IN OUT log_process_status.run_id%TYPE);
How can i make a call to this proc via Hibernate and access the value ...

3. Store Procedure - Oracle - Parameter

For Oracle the following rules apply: The procedure must return a result set. For Sybase or MS SQL server the following rules apply: The procedure must return a result set. Note that since these servers can/will return multiple result sets and update counts, Hibernate will iterate the results and take the first result that is a result set as its return ...

4. Oracle table storage parameters

Hello, Does anyone know if it is possible to configure hibernate to set table and index properties when generating the schema(hbm2ddl) in Hibernate 3 ? For example, I would like hibernate to set the INITRANS,PCTFREE,PCTUSED parameters when creating the schema in oracle, It would also be nice to be able to tell hibernate to create index-organized-tables instead of the standard table ...

6. How can I call an Oracle sp without return parameter/code

To return a scalar, I expect should be something like this: { ? call ttCacheStart() } 1. If the sp doesn't have any return parameter/code, how can I do so? 2. Also, for the scalar return, should returnCode must be a property/column of a Java class or Oracle table? Thanks!