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1. PL/SQL Procedure Persistence

Hello! We have an application architecture where all select, insert, update and delete are made by a PL/SQL procedure. It means, for getting a lista of customers, I call a procedure Get_Customers in the database. And to update a customer I call Update_Customers. Dows hibernate can help me in this? I mean, I would like to call session.load and have my ...

2. Unable to persist Milliseconds from Hibernate to Oracle DB

I am trying to persist data using Hibernate and which includes a timestamp field with milliseconds upto length 6. I want to persist [b]yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss:SSSSSS[/b] format, my input string is [b]2008-11-15-[/b]. But after hibernate persistance in the database the field seems to looses milliseconds and only posts it as 2008-11-15- The HBM mapping file is already mapped to java.sql.Timestamp as