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1. Design Newbie- Entity POJO or persisted Domain Objects?

Hibernate version:3.1 Name and version of the database you are using:Oracle 8i Hi I have been asked to re-design our 'data-access layer' since we want to exploit the benefits of hibernate through Entity Manager. However I am having trouble (design is not my strong point) with deciding how to approach the concept - for example if a POJO using annotation can ...

2. Map XML data to domain entity POJOs

We are looking for a too that will map XML data to domain entity POJOs ( designed based on relational model ). We are looking for tool(s) that will do this job; performance is our concern; Please provide all your inputs ; we want to make this decision fast Note: Hibernate is out backend/persistence layer Thanks Raees

3. Blend of anemic domain objects with POJO

im using hibernate pojos for persistence in my application. And im using "open session in view" pattern. So you can guess that my POJOs map straight to the UI. Everything goes smooth as long as my UI fields map straight to my POJOs. But the problem arises when there are some complex UI fields to show. e.g. when a concatenation of ...