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What's the best/easiest way to generate *.hbm.xml files from pojos?

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HI All, I am new to hibernate and I would to create POJO from xxx.hbm.xml file. Is it possible? Please respond Regards, Vikram A. Deshpande

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I have used HibernateTools-3.2.4.GA-R200903141626-H5 with Eclipse Galileo, MySql 5.0 as Database, i have created hib config file, console config fiile every thing needed, everything is fine, i am able to connect ...

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I have created a project in Net Bean 6.5 by using Hibernate tool. It has automatically created the hibernate configuration file.(Checked connection created -- successfully) After that i have selected Hibernate mapping Files and POJO from DB by right click on source package(po as name) selected some table from list Next popup Generation Code - I have selected both "Domain Code ...

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Hi, I am trying to automate the creation of my Pojo and XML HBM file using a Sybase PowerDesigner model. My power deisgner model is a "data model" not an OO model, so I cannot export it to XMI... I plan to build a persistent layer over a legacy database. The naming of all table and column will be different of ...

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